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August 2013 Archives

US immigration law reform could save Social Security

When it comes to complicated political issues, both sides typically have valid concerns and aspirations. And given that supporters and opponents of U.S. immigration reform both must rely on a certain degree of speculation to make their point, it’s almost impossible to definitively argue that one approach is superior to the other. There is mounting evidence supporting progressive immigration reform, however, and much of it speaks to improving the economy and federal programs for all.

Fiance visa petition can cause divorce issues

Countless couples living in Miami, Florida, and beyond are together today because they were able to petition for one partner to come to America legally. Family based petitions allow individuals to apply for fiancé or marriage visas, with the expectation that the sponsoring partner complies with specific guidelines. And while these types of immigration policies are known for bringing families together, they can also complicate matters in instances where couples divorce.

Asylum to Mexican immigrants piques hope

People living in Florida and states around the country have had their ears to the ground for months in hopes of learning any and all news regarding potential policy reform. The process has been long and slow, and while the path to real U.S. immigration reform may seem to never end for some, there are promising signs that change is in the air. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security made a move recently that many are considering to be equal parts unexpected and encouraging.

Summer vacation and U.S. immigration law

Jokes about politicians getting work done may abound, but state leaders might actually be more effective when they’re on holiday. At least that’s what some people are hoping as the U.S. Congress prepares for its summer recess. Many proponents and opponents of immigration reform are regarding the five-week break as a chance to meet with House members back in their own states, where they can share their views and hopefully inspire action.

Some fear family immigration may be overlooked by reform

When it comes to federal immigration reform efforts, there continues to be more questions than answers at this point. Hopes and concerns raised over the passage of the U.S. Senate’s reform bill may be squashed and/or validated once the House of Representatives decides on such issues, and all the while countless Florida families wait to see how their families may be effected by impending changes. In fact, the topic of family immigration has many confused and concerned at the moment, as it seems proposed legislation is severely divided on the issue.

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