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Evicting a tenant due to unlawful drug activity

Landlords encounter many different challenges, some of which have been discussed on this blog. If you rent a home or an apartment to tenants in Miami, you may face non-payment of rent, lease violations, and many other difficulties. However, it may also become necessary to evict a tenant over drug-related activity that is against the law.

Real estate disputes and divorce

On this blog, we have gone over many of the different types of real estate disputes that arise. However, we are aware that there are additional unique circumstances which arise, such as a married couple going through divorce, that can lead to additional complications related to this area of law. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, we know how difficult divorce can be for people in Miami-Dade, and the different ways that splitting up with a spouse can affect real estate.

Back rent reportedly leads to Florida assault

For those who are struggling with a tenant that misses rent payments, it can be difficult trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Sometimes, emotions run high and landlords become very upset about back rent, which is understandable since missed rent payments can lead to serious financial difficulties and generate a great deal of anxiety. However, in Miami-Dade, and across all cities in Florida, landlords who are struggling with these issues should do their best to work things out properly and avoid additional complications.

Dealing with a tenant who refuses to cooperate

As a landlord, our law firm realizes that you may have many different challenges. In Miami, and in cities across all Florida counties, there is a long list of problems that landlords encounter. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, we know that some of them are the result of tenants who refuse to abide by the terms of their rental agreement. Whether a tenant is refusing to pay rent to his or her landlord or is not leaving after having been served an eviction notice, landlords should do what they can to handle these situations properly.

Tenant says landlord destroyed property during eviction

Sometimes, landlords may be accused of wrongdoing during the eviction process. On certain occasions, these allegations are based on truth. However, some landlords in Miami or another Florida city may be falsely accused of violating the law by their tenants. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why landlords may find themselves in this situation, such as a tenant being upset about his or her eviction.

Woman sues Florida apartment complex

Landlords may find themselves in court for any number of reasons. Regrettably, some tenants decide to take action against those who own the house or apartment they live in even though the landlord was not responsible for what they have endured. In Miami, landlords who find themselves in this position should be very careful as they handle their dispute with a tenant. After all, the outcome can have serious ramifications.

Tenant evicted from Florida home over toys

From bothering neighbors and disrupting peace to dangerous dogs and other potential hazards, there are many reasons why landlords decide to evict tenants in Florida. In Miami-Dade, and in all other parts of the state, landlords who are concerned about their tenants posing a risk to the safety of others or the rental property should take a careful look at any of their options. Unfortunately, some landlords do not take action until it is too late and something goes wrong.

Florida renters warned of scam

Each day, landlords and tenants encounter all sorts of different issues. Sometimes, the matters are so serious that legal action becomes necessary. For some, this can be especially complicated and generate a great deal of anxiety. For example, landlords in Miami may be worried about what will happen to their property, while tenants may be worried about where they will move next. For both, financial issues can be a major concern.

Landlord's failure to pay bill leaves many without housing

Landlords frequently face problems related to their rentals. Sometimes, they are at fault, while other cases involve tenants wrongfully accusing the landlord of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, disputes between tenants and landlords can be especially complicated and may result in serious consequences for both parties. In Miami, Florida, tenants may not be able to stay at the property any longer and could have difficulty finding new housing, while landlords may face financial problems and other challenges.

Dealing with a noisy tenant

If you are a landlord, you may encounter a number of challenges with regard to your tenants. Perhaps a tenant refuses to pay rent, leaving you with financial struggles. Or, a tenant may damage your property. In Miami-Dade, and in other cities around Florida, some landlords may be unsure of how to handle a tenant who is too loud and creates disturbances for neighbors or other people in the apartment complex. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, we know all too well how difficult it often is to be a landlord who is going through this firsthand.

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