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Updated land surveys may help prevent real estate disputes

Let's say a Florida homeowner wants to erect a fence in his or her yard. If the desire is carried out without confirmation of property lines, real estate disputes may arise. One can only imagine the stress of building a brand new fence only to have a neighbor then contest that the fence encroaches on his or her property.

Vatican getting involved in Katie Perry real estate disputes

Singing superstar Katie Perry is a favorite of many Florida pop music fans. Perry's name is often associated with controversial news stories due to risque stage performances, although some may be surprised to learn the latest headlines regarding Perry concern real estate disputes over bids to purchase a religious convent in another state. Perry is taking on a powerful real estate developer, stating she already agreed to purchase the property from the Archdiocese in that particular region before the other interested party placed a counter-offer to the nuns who reside at the convent.

Where to turn for help in resolving Florida real estate disputes

It's sometimes difficult to know what to do when a disagreement arises between neighbors who reside next door to each other in Florida. Real estate disputes involving property lines, fences, overhanging tree limbs and other potentially contentious issues can turn amicable relationships into knock-down-drag-out fights. Many homeowners allow their anger to get the best of them rather than seeking appropriate legal support for help in resolving their problems.

Real estate disputes reportedly turn physical for Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul has apparently lived next door to the same neighbor for almost 20 years. The neighbor happens to be a doctor who is said to disagree with Paul on politics. Somehow, political differences between the two neighbors turned into real estate disputes along the way, with arguments over leaves blowing from Paul's yard across the property line and into the neighbor's yard. Some Florida readers may relate to the situation.

Former Florida mayor entangled in real estate disputes

A former Florida mayor is once again in trouble with the law. He was already serving probation for an unrelated matter when new allegations arose against him. The person who has accused him of wrongdoing is reportedly a friend and business partner of his. This person has launched real estate disputes, saying he was ripped off $150,000 when the ex-civic official kept money the partner had given him to invest in the development of a particular property.

Real estate disputes arise, complicating NFL player's situation

National Football League running back Darren McFadden is currently involved in a complicated, contentious federal lawsuit against several parties, including a man who used to be his close friend and financial adviser. Real estate disputes have arisen in the midst of other problems, with McFadden accusing his former friend of illegally transferring property worth approximately $15 million to hide assets and prevent possible economic loss if the court winds up ruling in McFadden's favor. A bank where McFadden's money was kept at the time the whole situation unfolded was recently added as a defendant in the athlete's claim. Some Florida residents may relate to his situation.

Neighbor's noise levels lead to real estate disputes

Can Florida homeowners tell their neighbors to be quiet? Such issues often lead to real estate disputes, some of which wind up in litigation before they are resolved. Famous comedienne, Kathy Griffin, is currently involved in a dispute in another state with her neighbor, who also happens to be CEO of a major home development company in the area. Many people, including other public figures, have weighed in on the topic on social media networks.

Court will soon weigh in on real estate disputes in Florida

A heated debate has arisen in Florida regarding a mansion once owned by a prominent attorney. He died in 2008 after placing his estate in a trust. The beneficiary of the trust happens to be the attorney's widow. Her daughter is the one who has prompted real estate disputes surrounding the home's recent listing as available for sale on the housing market.

Real estate disputes over church grounds growing heated

Churchgoers in another state are battling against a group of people with whom they used to worship. Some Florida readers may relate to the discordant real estate disputes that so far have remained unresolved even after several court sessions. At stake is a church property comprising more than 31 acres of land.

Real estate disputes keeping sale of trendy hotel on hold

Buying and selling commercial and residential properties is quite a common process in Florida. When real estate disputes arise, it can cause significant delays that place one or more parties at risk for severe economic losses. Those facing current real estate problems in this state may want to follow news of an ongoing battle elsewhere that has been in litigation for some time now.

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