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Adjustment of status not needed to drive in another state

Immigrants in Florida and across the country may be interested to learn that another state has enacted new policies that may affect those living there under an undocumented status. In the state in question, it is now legal for immigrants to apply for a driver's license, even if they have not been granted an adjustment of status, meaning, their paperwork is not in good standing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are reportedly not happy about the recent developments, stating that they believe it is placing public safety at risk and undermining the efforts of the U.S. government regarding immigration law.

Advocates say man's adjustment of status is going well

Like many Florida immigrants, a man in another state has spent an extensive amount of time in a detention facility. He is one of tens of thousands of immigrants who come to the United States seeking adjustment of status after fleeing countries of origin where their lives were in grave danger. There is a specific process for seeking asylum; it is not uncommon for legal complications to arise when someone crosses a U.S. border without paperwork in order.

Adjustment of status: Good news about green cards

Many immigrants in Florida and elsewhere arrive in the United States with an ultimate goal of becoming a permanent resident. Seeking an adjustment of status can be challenging, especially if an obstacle arises that a person does not feel equipped to handle alone. With regard to those who apply for marriage-based green cards, things may be getting a bit easier.

Don't let adjustment of status problems ruin your holidays

In Florida and across the country, tens of thousands of people are gearing up for the 2019 holiday season. Many households include members who are immigrants. Sadly, some of them are currently facing adjustment of status problems that may be threatening to put a damper on their holiday joy.

Many veterans are facing adjustment of status issues

Florida residents and many others throughout the country are taking time this week to celebrate and honor the nation's military on Veterans' Day. Many men and women who serve in the U.S. military are immigrants or children of immigrants. In fact, many service members are non-citizens, and some of them are currently facing adjustment of status problems.

Man facing removal is hoping for adjustment of status

In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants living in detention centers due to various circumstances. Some have requested an adjustment of status by seeking asylum. Others were arrested for suspected crimes, then transferred into the custody of immigration law officers. One man is at risk for removal, but his attorney is working tirelessly to file an appeal on his behalf.

Planning to seek adjustment of status? Read this first.

If U.S. immigration laws were simple and leaving a country of origin to come and live in Florida were easy, it would be possible to make a phone call or submit a petition, then follow through to accomplish one's goals. Pursuing an adjustment of status can be a complicated, lengthy process. In addition to the petition, there are numerous other issues to be aware of.

Keep this in mind to avoid adjustment of status problems

Moving to Florida as an immigrant can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Any number of issues can arise to cause obstacles in the adjustment of status process. There are several ideas to keep in mind that may help keep stress to a minimum and avoid serious legal problems.

Adjustment of status: Support regarding residency and citizenship

Being an immigrant in Florida or elsewhere in the United States is often not without its challenges. When you first arrived at a U.S. border, you may have had a significant language barrier, perhaps needed a place to live, or were worried about acclimating to American society and adapting to a new lifestyle. Seeking an adjustment of status in connection with residency or citizenship may be one of your highest goals in life.

Will this man's adjustment of status include deportation?

In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants living in sanctuary. There may be any number of reasons why a particular foreign national's paperwork might not be in good order, which can place him or her at risk for immediate removal from the United States unless he or she is able to obtain an adjustment of status. A large crowd gathered recently in another state to offer support and advocacy for a man who has been living in a church for more than a year.

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