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US permanent residency: What to do if obstacles arise

Many immigrants plan for years before they actually travel to Florida or some other U.S. state from their own countries of origin. Others arrive under much more hurried or urgent circumstances. For those whose ultimate goals include applying for U.S. permanent residency, it is critical to know where to seek support if a problem arises during the application process.

US permanent residency: What to do about a legal status problem

You may have arrived in Florida on a temporary immigration visa of some kind. Such visas require that all eligibility factors be met before applying. They also expire. It is imperative that you take the proper steps for renewal if you hope to avoid legal status problems while living in the United States. In many cases, immigrants come here hoping to one day obtain a U.S. permanent residency card.

US permanent residency: Marriage after a student visa entry?

Many students in Florida universities are immigrants who entered the United States from other countries of origin. The student visa process allows thousands of people to attend U.S. colleges and universities on a temporary basis. If an immigrant marries a U.S. citizen or someone with U.S. permanent residency, his or her legal status will also change.

Is something keeping you from U.S. permanent residency?

Traveling to Florida from another country of origin can be both exciting and stressful. Many immigrants share the ultimate goal of obtaining U.S. permanent residency status. A permanent immigrant resident often possesses a green card, which allows him or her to live and work in the United States indefinitely. Obtaining a green card is often the first logical step to take in becoming a full-fledged U.S. citizen.

Overcoming challenges when seeking US permanent residency

As you adapt to a new lifestyle in Florida, you may relate to many issues other immigrants have experienced in their own journeys. For instance, if you have a significant language barrier, it can be stressful to try to learn to read, write and speak English. There are several ways to obtain U.S. permanent residency status, and challenges may arise at any time during the application process, which is why it's always a good idea to know where to seek legal support when necessary.

Visa applications: Adjustment of status might be tougher now

There are numerous visa programs in the United States. Many Florida immigrants seek an adjustment of status by applying for a particular visa, such as those seeking employment in this state or those who have married U.S. citizens and want to obtain green cards. Many say that the new government policies have made it more difficult to acquire a visa.

US immigration law support for Florida residents

Tens of thousands of immigrants have integrated into communities throughout Florida in recent years. In fact, people entering the United States with employment visas, family-based visas and other documents continue to arrive on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for U.S. immigration law issues to arise that delay progress toward status adjustment or to prevent a planned arrival.

US immigration law brings new business owners in Florida

There seems to be an almost constant influx of immigrants in Florida. As in many other states, a lot of the people who come here from other countries of origin have taken steps under U.S. immigration law to launch their own businesses. Becoming a business owner in the United States is a dream many foreign nationals share.

Judge rules on US immigration law case

A 35-year-old man in another state was reportedly taken into custody and placed in detention in July of this year. Florida immigrants who are worried about an apparent increase in immigrant arrests throughout the nation may want to follow this U.S. immigration law case. Many immigrant advocates have been decrying the government's handling of this particular situation.  

Man granted adjustment of status through defensive asylum process

Many people arrive in Florida from other countries of origin without having all their paperwork in order. This can create numerous legal problems as they begin new lifestyles in the United States. Some people, such as a 64-year-old man who came to the U.S. in 1992, successfully obtain adjustment of status through the defensive asylum process.  

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