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Posts tagged "Adjustment of Status"

Adjustment of status: Attorney general issues orders re asylum

Many immigrants in Florida did not arrive in the United States with all their paperwork in order. Like tens of thousands of other immigrants, some entered the U.S. between ports and immediately sought an adjustment of status through asylum when immigration patrol officers apprehended them. In the past, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would release asylum-seekers from detention while their cases were being processed.

Teenager facing US immigration law and criminal law problems

Adults in Florida are not the only ones who encounter legal status problems as immigrants. Minors in this state and others can also run into U.S. immigration law problems sometimes. In fact, a 16-year-old in another state is not only facing issues regarding a scheduled deportation but is now facing criminal charges in connection with a car accident as well.

Men seeking adjustment of status are exercising right to protest

In Florida and elsewhere in the United States, there have been multiple stories in the recent past that told of inhumane conditions in various immigration detention centers throughout the country. Several men who are currently detained in another state are seeking an adjustment of status. They have also launched a hunger strike to protest the conditions and alleged substandard care they have experienced since being placed in detention.

Man who sought adjustment of status was willing to work for food

There are many privately-run immigration detention centers in Florida and throughout the United States. Many immigrants say they have suffered personal rights violations after seeking an adjustment of status and then being placed in detention facilities. A 25-year-old man says the amount of food officials were providing during his detention left him suffering perpetual hunger pangs.

Nurse preparing for doctorate worried about adjustment of status

During the George W. Bush administration, El Salvador immigrants in Florida and beyond were granted temporary protective status (TPS). The protection was given to help hundreds of thousands of people who had become displaced due to catastrophic circumstances in their country of origin. Some time before adjustment of status options were offered to these people, a 4-year-old girl forded the Rio Grande river on her mother's shoulders, as they escaped violence and danger in El Salvador.

Adjustment of status goals: Becoming a US citizen

When an immigrant arrives in Florida, it may with plans and dreams to start a business, get married and raise a family in the United States or to file an application to become a U.S.citizen. The latter is the ultimate adjustment of status goal in many immigrants' lives. It can be a stressful process, and it helps to know where to seek support when needed.

Hoping for an adjustment of status? You have options.

When you arrived in Florida as a foreign national, you likely felt excited and nervous at the same time. You hopefully have a strong support system of family and friends on hand to help you adapt to your new life in the United States. Like most immigrants, you've probably faced your share of challenging situations, perhaps including the first times you had to speak English in a social setting or an issue regarding an adjustment of status.

Seeking adjustment of status after a violent crime

Before the year is over, many Florida residents will become victims of violent crimes. Sadly, some will experience violence in their own households. When a victim of violence happens to be an immigrant who may otherwise not be eligible for permanent residency, it may be possible to file an application for an adjustment of status based on his or her current circumstances.  

Man sent to dentention while seeking adjustment of status

Florida readers may relate to an ongoing immigration situation involving threat of removal. In January, a man who had emigrated from another country of origin was submitting an application for citizenship at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services center in another state. He was seeking an adjustment of status, but the application process did not go as planned. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers took him into custody in connection with a 2010 deportation order.

Father of 3 hopes for adjustment of status rather than removal

Many Florida immigrants can relate to one man's current situation. He is a husband and also a father of three children, ages 11 and under. The man was one of nearly 100 people who were taken into custody by immigration officers who raided their workplace. The question now is whether he will obtain an adjustment of status or get deported.

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