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Posts tagged "Real Estate Disputes"

Real estate disputes: Neighbors complain about house color

Many homeowners are legally bound by certain laws or contractual agreements regarding the appearance or structure of their homes or surrounding property. For instance, in a historic district, a homeowner might be prohibited from installing a modern-style fence or using certain paint colors on the outside of his or her house. A father and son in Florida are reportedly entangled in real estate disputes that have spilled over in a bothersome way among their neighbors.

Real estate disputes: Tennant vs. landlord disagreements

You might be one of many Florida residents who rent an apartment or condominium complex in this state. Perhaps you live there full-time, year-round or maybe you reside in another state and use your rental property to escape winter weather elsewhere. If real estate disputes arise between you and your landlord, it can cause a lot of stress, and might be difficult to resolve.

Are real estate disputes causing problems with your neighbors?

If the property you purchase or sell in Florida borders another person's residence, it is always wise to make sure you clearly understand any local ordinances or state laws that may pertain to property borders. For instance, if there is a fence on or very near the property line that separates your property from your neighbor's, you'll want to be well-informed regarding financial responsibilities regarding boundary lines. Any number of issues can spark real estate disputes that put a damper on your relationship with your neighbors.

Florida real estate disputes: Will school have to sell land?

The mood between a Florida school district, a building developer and a group of residents might currently be described as contentious. The three parties have been entangled in real estate disputes since November. Soon, a circuit court judge will hand down a final ruling on the case, which may or may not result in the school district having to sell more than three acres of land that exists on its campus.

Residents of a Florida community facing real estate disputes

Most everyone is familiar with Disney World in Florida. Decades ago, Walt Disney spoke of creating a Utopian society called "Celebration Florida" where "the simple life" would be preserved not far from Magic Kingdom. In this community, every home and lawn would be freshly manicured, kids would play games that did not include sophisticated technology, and life itself would be carried out at a slower, more enjoyable pace. The dream had seemed to come to fruition, but in time serious real estate disputes were sparked between two groups that are still battling things out in court today.

Real estate disputes not over yet. Will high court hear the case?

The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to hear a complex case that has already passed through the lower courts of the state. The plaintiffs are appealing from an adverse ruling made in the 1st District Court of Appeals. The real estate disputes involved have to do with a state constitutional amendment that voters approved several years ago.

Real estate disputes: Did a code violation occur in this case?

Many Florida apartment complexes include elderly residents. If a tenant dies, there are state codes and regulations that govern issues such as removal of personal items from a decedent's apartment. Real estate disputes might arise if a relative or other person acting on behalf of a decedent believes management has disregarded such rules.

What is the best way to resolve real estate disputes?

A lot of people in Florida own real estate. Perhaps, you're one of many people in the state who own a home or a business, maybe even both. Any number of issues, such as those involving selling, buying, investing, building or other contract-related topics, can arise at any time to spark real estate disputes. In fact, it is often easier for a disagreement to arise than it is to solve one.

Florida real estate disputes often involve tenants and landlords

What if a Florida tenant arrives home to his or her apartment and finds all personal belongings at the curb? Upon further investigation, the tenant realizes the lock has been changed on the apartment door. Is this okay? Can a landlord do this, or is it breaking a law? Real estate disputes often involve these types of issues.

Don't let real estate disputes impede the sale of a home

Many Florida residents are homeowners. By year's end, a lot of people will put "for sale" signs in their front yards. Sometimes, selling a home is an uncomplicated, low-stress process. Other times, it is a bit more complex, especially if real estate disputes arise.

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