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Property owners join forces in real estate disputes against city

Florida property owners who are currently facing problems with city officials may want to follow a case in another state. Several property owners have banned together in real estate disputes filed against their city. They claim their rights of due process have been violated. The central focus of the current arguments between the defendants and those who filed the lawsuit is a section of lots that are going to be redeveloped.

Real estate disputes escalated into dangerous situation

When a Florida property owner enters a leasing contract with one or more parties, it is critical that the terms of the lease be understood by anyone and everyone signing the agreement. Lack of clarification can lead to real estate disputes down the line. While most disagreements are easily resolvable, some unravel into contentious, and even dangerous situations.  

Community glad real estate disputes are headed for settlement

Many Florida residents work in or attend school in buildings that have existed in their communities for decades. The historical value of such structures often plays into the value of real estate, as well as attracts visitors who are history buffs, especially in the context of architecture. Buildings wear down with age and are often in need of renovation or construction to maintain usability as time goes on. A high school in another state underwent construction, which led to bitter real estate disputes that left the community wondering what would become of a beloved school.  

Real estate disputes can slow progress

Many Florida communities, especially those located near the shore, often have access roads that lead to the beach or various businesses in the area. Investors in another state have become entangled in real estate disputes concerning which roadway should be used as an access road to a proposed new business in the area. The investors wish to use a little less than 3,000 square feet of a 10,000 square foot space.  

Real estate disputes causing delays for solar farm plans

Questions have arisen as to whether a planned solar farm would interfere with local cemetery grounds in another state. As some owners of real estate in Florida might be, the owner of the cemetery is currently involved in real estate disputes pertaining to litigation in a federal bankruptcy court. The cemetery owner reportedly signed an easement contract that included approximately 40 acres of agricultural land that adjoins the cemetery grounds.

Avoid real estate disputes through careful contract review

Purchasing a new home, launching a business or going in a timeshare rental property on your favorite Florida beach may be at the top of your list for goals to achieve this year. While each of these is a different kind of transaction, they all involve creating and signing contracts, which can be simple and straightforward or complex and confusing to understand. In either case, it's always a good idea to have an experienced attorney review your proposed contract so as to avoid real estate disputes down the line. 

Don't let contract complications lead to real estate disputes

The last thing you need if you're just steps away from making your business or homeowning dreams come true is to run into problems because you didn't fully understand something in your contract. Many Florida real estate disputes could likely have been avoided if legal representation would have been sought before any documents were signed. Whether you're a seller, buyer, investor or developer, you may be able to avoid a lot of stress and possible legal problems down the line if you seek support right from the start.  

Florida real estate disputes case headed for further litigation

Golfing and high-end shopping are two major amenities most Florida residents and tourists associate with the town of Naples. As is common in cities that have been around since the 1800s, parking spots are not always easily accessible even when efforts to update city architecture have been made. This issue has sparked real estate disputes between commercial property owners and city administrators.  

Real estate disputes end in agent's favor

Whether dealing in high-end real estate in Florida or smaller, less-expensive residential properties, any number of issues may arise during the process of purchase or afterward that require specialized attention (and perhaps litigation) to resolve. Some real estate disputes go unresolved for weeks or months, especially when no outside legal support is sought. A high court jury in another state recently submitted a verdict in a particular case that was recently retried.  

Real estate disputes regarding co-ownerships

Many Florida residents own real property. Some, in fact, are joint owners with family members or groups of friends, such as those that share ownerships in condominiums or other vacation properties. A problem that arose in another state between a man and his son demonstrates the importance of seeking legal clarification when modifying property titles to include co-owners. Those who hope to avoid similar real estate disputes may want to review this case.  

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