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Posts tagged "U.S. Immigration Law"

US immigration law: Were you or a loved one detained re asylum?

Many Florida residents have emigrated from other countries. Some traveled alone, others with family members. Some went through extensive application processes, others fled situations of violence, poverty or persecution and sought asylum when they reached a U.S. border. Because of current U.S. immigration law, many (if not most) people in the latter group are placed in detention facilities while their cases are adjudicated.

This man insists he has not violated US immigration law

Many Florida immigrants understand how stressful and worrisome it can be to encounter legal status challenges. Such situations often result in families being separated and breadwinners being placed in immigration detention centers, often resulting in immediate financial hardship for their loved ones. A man in another state says his wife has current medical needs and he is her sole care provider, which is why he is so worried that U.S. immigration law officials might try to deport him.

US immigration law prompts woman to give birth in church

Florida readers who are immigrants or whose households include someone who has emigrated from another country may want to follow a case in another state that involves U.S. immigration law and how it has affected one woman in particular. She came to the United States as a teenager and is now age 36. The woman recently went through a harrowing experience, which she says was prompted by her fear of deportation. 

Navigating the US immigration law system in Florida

Whether weeks, months or years have passed since you arrived in Florida from another country, you no doubt have overcome numerous obstacles as you adapt to life in the United States as an immigrant. No two immigrant journeys are exactly the same. However, due to certain circumstances, some people have an easier time navigating U.S. immigration law issues than others.

Advocates say a man was targeted by US Immigration law officers

Many immigrants in Florida believe certain issues make them vulnerable to U.S. immigration law enforcement actions. The family of a man in another state says they believe their loved one was a target of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. He was recently arrested. 

US immigration law changes might adversely affect people's health

Many immigrants living in Florida and elsewhere throughout the United States came to this country to seek medical attention for themselves, their children or other immediate family members. In the past, such people could apply for deferred action status based on medical need. That will no longer be possible for many people due to recent U.S. immigration law changes.

Man's US immigration law problems saddens his community

Many Florida immigrants become ingrained in their communities. Some are business owners who are well-known and liked by their neighbors and customers. A man in another state sells tacos from a truck. His customers and friends were recently surprised and saddened to learn that a traffic stop has led to the man's transfer to a U.S. immigration law detention center. Local officials, as well, have lamented that law enforcement policies may have negatively affected this man's life.

US immigration law: Did police change this immigrant's words?

Immigrant families and couples in Florida are just like anyone else -- they have problems sometimes. In some situations, such problems lead to domestic violence issues that are brought to the court's attention. When U.S. immigration law officials or police are involved, it is critical that they translate or repeat a witness's testimony correctly.

Rural locations spark US immigration law problems for immigrants

Florida immigrants often encounter problems regarding their legal statuses. Along with others throughout the country, many of them wind up in detention centers. U.S. immigration law states that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are treat immigrants civilly, not punitively, in detention.

US immigration law: Class action lawsuit filed against ICE

Florida residents with family members who are immigrants may want to follow a national case as it unfolds. U.S. immigration law, and immigration detention issues in particular, are the central focus of a class action lawsuit filed against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Among the plaintiffs is a U.S. Marine veteran who was injured during active duty.

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