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The citizenship process can be lengthy and stressful

When a person emigrates from another country of origin to Florida or elsewhere in the United States, he or she may have certain goals in mind. Some want to live and work in the United States so they can send money home to their family members. Others come here to live because they are marrying U.S. citizens. Many immigrants have an ultimate goal in common: citizenship.

Laws and policies associated with US citizenship

Many Florida residents were not born in the United States. However, acquiring naturalized citizenship is a common goal among many immigrants in this state and others. Once a person becomes a U.S. citizen, he or she cannot lose the status except through voluntary relinquishment. This means that a person who no longer wishes to be a U.S. citizen may take legal steps to renounce his or her U.S. nationality.

Are legal obstacles impeding your path to citizenship?

If you're one of many Florida immigrants whose greatest desire is to become a full-fledged U.S. citizen, you've likely been studying and working hard to accomplish your goals. The citizenship process is complex and requires that you meet many eligibility requirements and qualifications before you can file an application and, hopefully, achieve citizenship. Once you do file an application to become a U.S. citizen, you must reside full time in the United States until your application has been fully processed.

Group of immigrants elated as pathway to citizenship clears

There is one ultimate goal for most people who immigrate to Florida. They want to achieve citizenship in the United States. It can be a lengthy process and any number of legal obstacles can arise, which is why it pays to connect with a strong support network from the start. A group of people who came to this country from Liberia are rejoicing this week after a provision in a bill that was recently passed will allow them to apply for permanent residency if they satisfy all requirements. 

What to do if obstacles arise in your path to citizenship

Perhaps you're one of many Florida immigrants who are currently studying and preparing for one of the most important tests of their lives. You came to the United States with dreams and an ultimate goal of obtaining citizenship. You've been working toward that goal ever since you crossed a U.S. border.

Numerous arrests, immigrants accused of citizenship scheme

When a person immigrates to Florida, he or she may encounter any number of challenges while adapting to a new lifestyle. If citizenship is the ultimate goal, there are various ways to accomplish it. However, if the U.S. government suspects at any time that a person is committing immigration fraud, it can spark a series of legal problems that may lead to deportation.

Citizenship did not stop ICE from detaining US marine

Florida mothers of U.S. marines are proud of their sons and daughters who serve their country with courage and valor. A proud mother in another state is feeling frustrated and angry because her son, who served in Afghanistan, was taken to an immigration detention center by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers even though he has full citizenship. In fact, the young man was born and raised in the United States.

No need to navigate path to citizenship alone

Perhaps you are one of many Florida immigrants whose lives in recent years have included various challenges in adapting to a new language, new customs and new laws. Your ultimate goal may be citizenship, and you have likely been working hard to study U.S. history and other significant topics to prepare for the test you will take. Any number of issues can arise to cause delays in the process set in place to help you become a citizen.

Florida immigrants sometimes carry dual citizenship

When someone emigrates from another country of origin to live in the United States, he or she may have certain goals in mind. For instance, some people arrive in the U.S. in the hope of starting their own businesses, while others come here to study in a college or university. There are also many immigrants who begin their lives in Florida or another state by marrying a U.S. citizen. Regardless of the particular details of an individual journey, the ultimate goal for tens of thousands of immigrants is to attain citizenship.  

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