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What is included on the naturalization test?

Achieving American citizenship status is by far one of the most important things that you and other immigrants can do in your life. Not only may becoming a U.S. citizen have a huge impact on your future but it may also affect your family for generations to come. That is why it is so crucial to understand the various components of the naturalization interview and test process.

Dual nationality and citizenship status

Miami immigrants undergoing the naturalization and citizenship process are often curious to know how dual citizenship works with the United States and their countries of origin. Dual nationality may result from immigration, or it may result from automatic operation of different laws, such as when two U.S. nationals give birth to a child in a foreign country, that child may have automatic dual nationality.

New immigration month recognized

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services formally recognized the month of June as "Immigrant Heritage Month." The time period is meant to recognize immigrants on their path to citizenship. The month was unveiled in Miami's Little Havana during a naturalization ceremony that was occurring.

Groups across the country helping with the naturalization process

There are millions of people currently in Miami and throughout the rest of the United States currently enjoying the benefits of living here, yet not completely covered by all of the rights and privileges afforded to citizens. The path to U.S. citizenship can be a long and windy road that lasts many years and can be full of hardships along the way. Many of those who achieve the qualifications for permanent residency choose to stop there simply because they may not feel as though they have it in them to see the journey through to citizenship. While being a legal resident does place one’s immigration status on firmer ground, it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of their residency status being revoked in the future. As a matter of fact, thousands of permanent residents are deported from the U.S. every year for a variety of different reasons.

Harvard program helping employees earn their citizenship

Too often, it seems that the issues of immigration and citizenship are dominated by political rhetoric. It is true that these are important policy issues that are currently at the forefront of today’s political debates, yet what’s often forgotten is the human element of it. Seeing the faces of those in Miami working to become citizens and the effort they put into making that happen can often make one forget his or her political leanings of the issue.

Oath of Allegiance ceremony sees 47 immigrants earn citizenship

Much of the news that aspiring citizens in Miami hear these days may seem to center on the ongoing debate over federal immigration reform. Such developments may leave them discouraged regarding their chances to of reaching their goal of becoming naturalized citizens. Yet despite recent political maneuverings, it should be remembered that a path to U.S. citizenship is still currently available. Stories of those who’ve endured the naturalization process may serve as inspiration to immigrants that even though the road ahead of them may be a long one, the payoff at the end is certainly worth it.

Potential deal on federal immigration bill in the works?

As anyone in Miami who listened to the President’s State of the Union address can attest to, immigration remains at the forefront of the topics currently being batted around Washington. While this offers hope to those who were concerned that other matters would spell the end for the immigration debate for the current year, both sides of the aisle still remain far apart on certain points proposed by the immigration legislation sent forth from the Senate last year. Chief among them remains the path to U.S. citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Yet recent comments made by the President seem to indicate willingness to compromise on this issue in order the move the proposed immigration bill forward.

Vets recognized for service to the United States

Recent rumblings from Washington haven't been too promising for those in Miami hoping that immigration reform would be addressed by the House during the current legislative session. While the Senate passed new legislation that specifically identified a path to U.S. citizenship for the over 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living here, those reforms were bogged down by Congressional debates. Now, with only 15 days left in the current session, and a potential fiscal crisis again looming when Congress reconvenes in 2014, many fear that the issue is in danger of being shelved altogether.

'Ya es Hora' coalition begins campaign encouraging naturalization

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to the United States. Many settle right here in Miami hoping to find better opportunities and looking to build a new legacy for their families in a new country. Part of establishing that legacy is taking advantage of the opportunity to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Securing a financial path to citizenship

As the immigration reform bill continues to dominate the national discussion, countless individuals living in Florida and beyond remain ever mindful that any version of proposed legislation could impact them greatly. And for all of those with hopes of becoming a U.S. citizen, the economic opportunities and difficulties of such a prospect can be intimidating. That's why more and more communities and nonprofit organizations are beginning to plan now for the financial futures of thousands of immigrants.

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