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Ensuring uniform, healthy landscaping in your condo community

One of the benefits you may enjoy while living in a Miami, Florida, condominium is the pleasant outdoor environment. This is a typical outcome of well-written rules outlined in your community’s bylaws, covenants and regulations. If you are a member of the board of directors, working on these documents requires careful consideration to best suit the needs of all the residents. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, have worked with many homeowners’ associations that are interested in hiring outside help to take care of landscaping and common areas.

Does the FHA rule override a “no pets” policy?

Many people in Florida choose to share their lives with animals, and you may consider your companion to be a member of the family rather than a pet. However, there is a federal law that may affect the legal role of your dog, cat or other animal, and whether it is permitted to live in a condominium or cooperative building that has a “no pets” rule. Michigan State University’s College of Law explains that the Federal Housing Administration states that an animal providing vital emotional support may be considered an assistance animal rather than a pet.

Renters benefit from slow condo market

The beautiful beaches and sunny climate of Miami draw people from all around the United States, and the rest of the world. While some are content to claim it as a vacation destination, it is also a popular place to move. The demand for condominiums and cooperatives is fed by these would-be residents, but at times, the supply of homes falls short and leads to prices that are out of reach by many.

Flying your flag: Can your HOA interfere?

You may associate patriotism to the United States with flying the country’s flag on your property in Florida. Flags are also often flown to display loyalty to the state, to a branch of the military or to a sports team. However, your homeowners’ association may have something to say about how, when and where you may place a flag.

Changes to Landlord and Tenant Statute benefit service members

Housing options in Florida are often limited to openings in condominiums and cooperatives, and these typically have application processes and other regulations that prevent a person or family from moving in right away. Naples News points out that waiting for up to a month for homeowners’ associations, condominiums and cooperatives to process applications is normal. However, for U.S. service members, the lengthy process may pose an unreasonable hardship.

Is this a good time to buy homes in Miami?

Your ability to purchase residential real estate as a home or investment in the Miami area may depend largely on the current market, as well as personal factors. However, analyzing these is not necessarily a straightforward task. According to Forbes magazine, how the up and down patterns of Florida real estate may affect you includes considerations such as uneven growth rate, the increasing prices of homes and even how long you plan to own the property.

Florida statutes limit condo association charges

Moving can be a costly undertaking in the Miami area, and the process typically includes expenses while searching for a place to live as well as those related to the lease or purchase. Whether a person wants to rent or buy a property, condominiums often have rules and regulations that make it difficult to become a resident. To prevent these from becoming too burdensome, Florida statutes impose some regulations.

A call for greater HOA oversight in Florida

Miami-Dade County and the surrounding areas are a beautiful place to call home, and you have a variety of options when it comes to owning property in the state, including condominiums. These communities often have homeowners’ associations, which are supposed to provide benefits to you as a member of the neighborhood. Although there are Florida statutes dealing with the rights and responsibilities of HOAs in the state, some people believe these are not being enforced properly. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we have provided answers for many condominium residents who have experienced problems with their HOAs.

Is the fine levied against you by your HOA legal?

You may enjoy many advantages by living in a condominium in Florida that has a homeowners’ association. The HOA board is the governing body that has the responsibility to review and enforce the rules and regulations that make the condo a pleasant place to live. However, when the board begins abusing its authority, you could end up facing penalties that seem unfair. Fortunately, Florida statutes protect members of HOAs from unreasonable fines.

Before your HOA starts a neighborhood watch program

Home security provides peace of mind in any community in Florida, but you may be interested in going beyond an alarm system, cameras or motion sensors around your own property. Many neighborhoods across America have developed crime watch programs, and as a board member of your homeowners’ association, you may believe that it would be profitable for yours, as well. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we often provide assistance to HOAs when they are deliberating issues that could have legal ramifications.

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