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Threat of foreclosure doesn't necessarily lead to a done deal

It is understandable that a Florida homeowner facing a serious financial crisis might be worried about keeping up with mortgage payments. Even missing a couple payments can place someone at risk for foreclosure. If such a risk becomes a reality, it is best to try to not panic and to learn as much as possible solutions as possible because there are often ways to get things back on track without losing one's home.

Foreclosure defense and loss mitigation: Where to seek support

Any number of issues can spark serious financial challenges for Florida homeowners. You might lose a job or someone in your household might have a medical situation that prompts unexpected expenses. These and many other issues can throw finances out of whack, especially if you're unprepared to meet an unexpected debt. If a financial crisis has caused you to be unable to pay your mortgage and you are currently worried about foreclosure, it's critical that you know your rights and also where to seek support.

Elderly man in Florida, threatened with foreclosure

It can be challenging to keep up with lawn maintenance, especially when extenuating circumstances arise that require someone to be away from home for an extended period of time. Given the typically warm climate in Florida, grass, weeds, flowers and plants often grow quickly. Many readers may be surprised to learn that being away from home and unable to mow the lawn could possibly lead to a threat of home foreclosure.

Are you worried about a possible foreclosure in Florida?

There are currently Florida residents who have fallen behind on their mortgages. This is not uncommon, as people in most states throughout the country run into financial problems at some point in their lives. Some situations are definitely more serious than others, however, especially if those involved are at risk for losing their homes to foreclosure.

An option that often help Florida residents avoid foreclosure

Many Florida residents are still trying to recover from the economic crash that hit the U.S. in the early 2000s. In fact, some are struggling to overcome serious financial crisis that includes threat of foreclosure on their homes. If you are facing a similar situation, you may have options available to help you meet your immediate needs and take a step toward a stronger financial future.

Lender's attempt to proceed with foreclosure auction halted

Many brick-and-mortar malls in Florida and across the country have been struggling to stay afloat in recent years as online shopping continues to increase in popularity. The absence of consumers from name brand stores, such as J.C. Penney and Sears, have led to many corporate shutdowns. In fact, J.C. Penney was one of two anchor stores in a particular mall in another state that went out of business, thus sparking financial problems for the owners of the mall plaza. The situation led to lenders pursuing foreclosure proceedings.

Threat of foreclosure: Possible options to save your Florida home

Lenders sometimes foreclose on a home when owners have stopped making mortgage payments. In such cases, a homeowner is said to be in default on his or her loan. Foreclosure is a legal process handled in the Florida court system. Fortunately, many Florida homeowners have been able to overcome the financial issues that placed their homes at risk. 

Judge rules on foreclosure issues re military servicemembers

Many U.S. military service members reside in Florida and other states when they are not on active duty overseas. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protects them against litigation, home foreclosure and other legal actions while they are serving active duty overseas. A federal court recently ruled that one of the nation's largest mortgage service providers violated the rights of six servicemembers. 

Florida woman facing foreclosure problems re home improvements

In the past several years, Florida homeowners and others across the country have learned how dangerous it can be to not have air conditioning in times of natural disaster. If power goes out and homeowners are located in areas where climate temperatures are high, not having air conditioning can pose an immediate life-threatening hazard. One woman applied for a loan program offered in this state to help people obtain funds for home improvements such as air conditioning in order to better protect themselves from hazardous conditions during natural disasters. The problem is that this woman is now facing threat of foreclosure from the company that installed her air conditioning system.

Threat of foreclosure does not necessarily lead to home loss

You may be one of many Florida residents who are currently having a tough time regarding your finances. Perhaps you lost a job or someone in your household has experienced a medical situation that requires surgery or treatments you weren't expecting, thus prompting expenses you are unprepared to meet. When financial situations get out of hand, homeowners often face a threat of foreclosure.

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