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Federal court steps in to resolve foreclosure issues

Most Florida residents have either personally experienced financial struggles during the economic crisis in recent years or know someone who has or is still fighting to restore financial stability. For many, foreclosure is high on the list of worries with lenders threatening to take ownership of their homes due to unsatisfied mortgage debts. Some have already lost their homes, including a couple in another state who has been involved in litigation for seven years now due to what they claim were unfair fees and added costs associated with their situation.

From football to foreclosure: Former player facing dire situation

Many Florida readers may be NFL fans who are familiar with Lance Briggs. A former linebacker, Briggs is currently facing an unfortunate financial situation that just seems to keep getting worse. A lender has filed a foreclosure on a six bedroom mansion owned by Briggs, which appears to be only one of a slew of problems.

Foreclosure not always a given when facing financial problems

Many Florida residents understand the panic that sets in when facing serious financial trouble. Realizing one is in such a situation to begin with rarely occurs immediately. This is because many financial problems develop over time from an accumulation of circumstances. However, most people start to worry when lenders mention words like foreclosure.

Fewer condo and single-family foreclosures in Miami-Dade

From the housing collapse to uncertainty in the global economy, there are a wide variety of factors that may affect real estate. In Florida, the real estate market can change rapidly and have a significant impact on homeowners, investors and real estate investors, and this is especially true in Miami-Dade County. Sometimes, property owners are unable to keep making payments and find themselves involved in foreclosures. When a foreclosure action arises, those involved should carefully assess their options.

Florida construction lien results in foreclosure

When it comes to foreclosures, the details will vary from one case to another. For example, a homeowner may find themselves in the middle of a foreclosure defense, fighting to save the place which their family calls home. Or, perhaps a business will have one of their properties in foreclosure, which can result in various difficulties for the company. In Miami-Dade, Florida, foreclosures have been a serious problem for people from all sorts of backgrounds in recent years.

Foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy

If you own a house and are facing foreclosure, a number of concerns may be going through your head at this very moment. For example, you may be worried about losing your family's home or unsure of what your different options may be. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., our law firm is all too familiar with the multitude of complications that entire families may face when they find themselves in the middle of foreclosures in Miami-Dade, and all other regions of Florida.

Southwest Florida saw decline in foreclosures during 2016

Like the stock market, the foreclosure rate goes up and down and depends on a smorgasbord of factors. Also, foreclosures can have serious consequences for those who own a home and even some who rent property. When it comes to foreclosure, entire families may have their lives spun upside down, which underlines how vital it is for people to approach foreclosure properly. In Miami, and elsewhere in Florida, the way that people handle foreclosures and the outcome of foreclosure actions can have a significant impact on their futures.

Dealing with divorce and foreclosure

When people find themselves in the middle of a foreclosure, life can be challenging. Unfortunately, this is often even more true for those who are going through a divorce as well. As if splitting up with your spouse does not make life hard enough, you may have even more anxiety over a foreclosure. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we understand how troubling these hurdles can be for families in Miami-Dade, and all other Florida cities.

Gates close on multi-million dollar church

For anyone facing foreclosure, daily life can feel overwhelming. To make things even worse, many property owners in this position are even more stressed out because of the potential impact a foreclosure may have on children, customers and other people. In Miami-Dade, and around the rest of Florida, any legal issue involving real estate can cause anxiety, sleep loss and a myriad of other problems related to this uncertainty. However, these problems can be especially difficult when it comes to foreclosures.

Miam-Dade saw more foreclosures than other South Florida counties

Over the past decade, a number of developments have created problems for homeowners in South Florida. In Miami-Dade and neighboring regions, the housing crash of 2008 was particularly devastating for some homeowners, leading to a large number of foreclosures. In the years since, some may have struggled to find work or experienced other financial setbacks which keep them from making mortgage payments on time.

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