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Detentions increase for alleged violations of US immigration law

In Florida and beyond, immigration detentions have increased substantially over the past couple of decades, from detentions of about 7,000 in 1994 to about 44,000 in 2017. Many immigrant advocates have called for U.S. immigration law reform, especially concerning the manner in which many immigrants have reportedly been treated in detention. One advocate recently stated that when an immigrant has proved that there is no flight risk and also that the individual has a place to stay while the government processes the case, there is no reason to imprison someone when no crime has been been committed.

US immigration law officials arrested the wrong guy

Many Florida residents have experienced times in their lives where people mistook their identities for others. If someone has a strong physical resemblance to another person, for instance, it is easy to understand how this might happen; however, if a person is as much as a whole foot shorter, it is less likely that his or her identity would be confused, even if there are facial similarities. U.S. immigration law officials reportedly made such a mistake, which led to a man's detention.  

Family facing US immigration law problems has community support

As Christmas draws near, many Florida families are getting ready for celebrations they will have with their relatives and friends. Many immigrants will be celebrating their first holidays in the United States. For one such family in another state, thinking of Christmas might not be so joyful, as it was around that time, last year, when their trouble began regarding U.S. immigration law.

Father and son facing US immigration law problems

People who know a 47-year-old man who was living in a church basement in another state say he was merely doing what he had to do to be with his wife, who is extremely ill and in need of heart surgery. There are likely immigrants living in Florida who are worried about similar issues. This particular man was working on obtaining an adjustment of status when he wound up getting arrested. 

US immigration law: Advocates call for an end to detention

Immigration is a topic that often incites contentious debate. One issue that many Florida residents feel strongly about is immigrant detention. Many families are currently facing legal problems regarding pending removal proceedings. Many people who advocate on behalf of immigrants say immigrant detention should no longer be allowed under U.S. immigration law.

Florida couple facing US immigration law problems

A Florida woman recently told reporters that she and her husband were merely trying to do the right thing when they showed up for an immigration marriage interview. They had awaited their interview date for approximately three years. The woman said she was quite confident all would go well; however, it did not, and she is now distraught that U.S. immigration law officers arrested her husband and have separated her from him.  

U.S. immigration law officials concerned about inmate suicides

There are numerous reasons that cause agents to arrest Florida immigrants. When a man or woman is placed in detention, he or she may be released after a short time or may have to remain in the immigration detention center for weeks or even months. While U.S. immigration law includes specific regulations regarding how detainees are (and are not) to be treated by detention officers, there are many people who have come forward to say there is widespread neglect and abuse in detention facilities throughout the nation.  

Will US immigration law create problems for families?

Many Florida families use some form of public assistance to help with various types of short- or long-term needs. Some parents are currently worried about proposed U.S. immigration law changes and how such may adversely affect their households. One mother recently told her story although she asked that her full name not be given for she feared negative repercussions.  

US immigration law officers say man lied about identity

Some people know what it's like to face legal problems associated with their identities. In fact, more than a few people in Florida have been wrongly accused of crimes because of mistaken identity. A man in another state was recently arrested on a warrant and then detained by Immigration Customs and Enforcement for violating U.S. immigration law.

US immigration law officials say man is wanted for homicide

Any woman in Florida who has ever given birth understands how stressful the process can be. If extenuating circumstances arise to add to the inherent stress of childbirth, an otherwise joyful and exciting event can become a frightening experience. That's what happened to a woman in another state when she was left to drive herself to the hospital in labor after U.S. immigration law officials took her husband away.

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