Annual Meetings

The Annual Meeting is possibly the most important meeting for the Condominium Association. The purpose of the typical annual membership meeting is for the election of board members, to receive the reports from the outgoing officers and directors as to the state of affairs of the Association, and, if applicable, approve or reconsider a budget, waive or fund reserves, approve amendments to the condominium documents, and possibly waive certain financial reporting requirements.

The attorneys at Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A. work with our clients, through their Board of Directors and/or their Property Manager, to ensure that the Annual Meeting functions smoothly. Our attorneys can provide services related to the preparation and mailing of all statutorily required notices, ballots, proxies and other documents. We can also have one of our attorneys attend your annual meeting to oversee the procedures for the counting of ballots and other issues that are voted on during the Annual Meeting