Providing Legal Counsel For Property Managers Facing Document Interpretation, Amendment And Enforcement Issues

Understanding the tremendous responsibilities faced by the board of directors and property managers of our association clients, our attorneys provide legal advice as to the authority granted to the associations pursuant to their governing documents as well as statutory and administrative laws. Our goal is to have our attorneys assist our boards and property managers in making correct decisions for the benefit of their communities.

Furthermore, when requested by our clients, our attorneys provide recommendations as to potential amendments to governing documents which will assist in the improvement of living conditions at the condominium or homeowner association properties. This includes making modifications or amendments to the declaration of condominium, bylaws, rules and regulations, and in the case of homeowner associations, to the declaration of covenants and restrictions.

When it comes time to assist our clients in enforcing the association covenants, we will take all steps necessary and allowed. This may include demand letters, initiation of arbitration, injunctive relief actions, and enforcement of fines imposed by the association.