Association Dues Collection Services Done Efficiently And Effectively

In this tough economy, keeping any business running successfully can be a challenge, especially when people can’t pay their bills. Our law firm offers an efficient collections practice, freeing you of the onerous task of trying to get association members to pay up on their dues. We are creative and proactive in our collections procedures, while still complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Our service has allowed many of our clients to decrease their outstanding accounts receivable.

Our system is fully automated and allows our condominium and homeowners association clients to see the status of collections cases in real time. Reports can be modified and downloaded by board members and property management to be used at meetings.

We work with you to keep you financially solvent. We defer our legal fees and front most collections-related costs. This encourages us to do our job well, as it means we get our legal fees from our collection efforts against delinquent owners. Your association will not be billed for fees associated with maintenance collection, with limited exceptions. We understand that many businesses run on a tight budget these days. We don’t want you to feel that you can’t come to us for representation because you can’t afford it.

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We will represent your association in bank foreclosure actions where you are named as the defendant. We defer our fees for this service as well. If your case goes to litigation, we will request a fee for filing costs and service of process costs but will ultimately work to collect our legal fees from the property owner. Further, if a property owner successfully files for bankruptcy protection and obtains a discharge of debts, or if a first mortgage holder successfully forecloses on the property, we will only seek payment from the lending institution or the new owner, whenever possible.

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