Assisting You In Being Able to Invest, Work And Study In The United States

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department offers many different kinds of visas for individuals who want to invest work or study here in the U.S. Our law firm knows the regulations and application procedures for all of these visas and can help you in your efforts to apply for and receive the visa most suited for your purposes.

Our lawyers help clients with the following nonimmigrant visa applications:

  • Investor visas (EB-5) for investors who are interested in investing a minimum of $900,000 in an American business venture. The investor must show that he or she has the ability to make a substantial investment and will not become a burden to the state.
  • Intercompany transferee visa (L-1A, L-1B) for managers or executives of foreign companies being transferred to a subsidiary or affiliate here in the U.S. The applicant must prove that he or she has been working for one year out of the last three as an executive or manager for the company.
  • Treaty trader visas (E-1, E-2) for business people who are nationals of a country with which the U.S. maintains trade relations to come and conduct the business of trade between their country and ours.
  • Professional visas (H-1B) for professional foreign nationals who have been offered a job, whose employer is sponsoring their visa.
  • Athletes, artists, models and entertainers visas (O-1, P-1) for foreign athletes to be able to participate in international competition here in the U.S. and for performers with extraordinary abilities to come share their talents.
  • Religious visas (R-1) for religious officials of the same religious denomination as their sponsoring organization who are coming from a different country to work temporarily for a nonprofit religious organization as a minister or in other religious vocations.
  • Fiancée visas (K-1, K-3) for the fiancées of U.S. citizens who are foreign nationals to be able to come this country before the wedding.
  • Student visas (F-1, J-1, M-1) for students at universities, vocational schools and exchange programs. You must wait for approval of your visa before you are allowed to begin your studies.

Our attorneys help people get visas every day. We know what the quotas for the various visas are, what information you need to provide and how to prove that you meet the requirements for the visa you are applying for. Put our in-depth knowledge of the immigration system to work for you.

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