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US immigration law: Things to know regarding temporary visas

Not every man or woman who travels to Florida from other countries of origin intend to stay here permanently. Many of them apply for temporary visas because they wish to visit, work or study in the United States for a time, then return to their homelands. There are many types of visas. If something goes wrong in the application process, after a visa expires or in other circumstances, problems with U.S. immigration law may follow.

The type of document that one needs when traveling to the U.S. on a temporary basis is called a non-immigrant visa. People apply for this status for many reasons, including business-related issues, educational endeavors or even tourism. It is important to seek clarification of non-immigrant visa classifications to ensure that the proper application is filled out.

Many veterans are facing adjustment of status issues

Florida residents and many others throughout the country are taking time this week to celebrate and honor the nation's military on Veterans' Day. Many men and women who serve in the U.S. military are immigrants or children of immigrants. In fact, many service members are non-citizens, and some of them are currently facing adjustment of status problems.

The Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MANVI) program has, in the past, been a portal of recruitment for non-citizens to honorably serve in the nation's military forces. The program was launched as a means of recruiting service members (who happen to be immigrants) with valuable health care and language skills. However, since 2017, a legal status problem has arisen for more than 1,000 of these recruits.

Condominiums and cooperatives: Where to seek legal support

There are many community associations in Florida. While there are state regulations in place, there are also terms and agreements that are specific to a particular property or organization. It is not uncommon for legal problems to arise regarding condominiums and cooperatives, which is why it pays to know ahead of time where to seek support.

Whether you're currently facing challenges regarding election procedures, collections, association governance or other issues, there is no need to think that you have to go it alone when trying to find a solution to a particular problem. It is helpful to rely on someone who is well-versed in state laws and updated on recent changes or legal decisions that may apply to your case. From building code violations to other municipal issues, an experienced real estate law attorney can be a great asset when complex legal issues arise.

US immigration law and criminal justice often intersect

In Florida and elsewhere, there are undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes. In many cases, when local law enforcement releases people from custody, notice is sent to federal immigration agencies. This is not always done, as was evident in a recent series of releases that took place in another state.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were reportedly targeting certain people. Those at risk appear to have been people who had recently spent time in jail and were convicted of drug crimes. A deputy field officer, who was part of the operation that resulted in at least 19 arrests, said ICE was merely going after people who pose a serious threat to public safety.

Florida real estate disputes often involve tenants and landlords

What if a Florida tenant arrives home to his or her apartment and finds all personal belongings at the curb? Upon further investigation, the tenant realizes the lock has been changed on the apartment door. Is this okay? Can a landlord do this, or is it breaking a law? Real estate disputes often involve these types of issues.

A landlord typically has to provide a tenant notice in advance that he or she is being evicted. Such notice is normally issued in writing. If a landlord has adhered to real estate regulations and proper notice-of-eviction protocol, and a tenant refuses to leave the residence in question, it might lead to litigation.

Many people worried about US immigration law changes

Many Florida households include members who were born in other countries. Staying updated on U.S. immigration law policies is challenging, even for those well-versed in such issues. A recent mention of possible upcoming changes has many immigrants and advocates alarmed. 

Under the proposal, those residing in immigrant detention centers would have to submit samples of their DNA. The data collected would then be entered into a national database. Government officials are reportedly all for the idea because they believe it would help them determine who is more likely to commit crimes in the future. Not many other people seem to think it is a good idea, however.

Don't let real estate disputes impede the sale of a home

Many Florida residents are homeowners. By year's end, a lot of people will put "for sale" signs in their front yards. Sometimes, selling a home is an uncomplicated, low-stress process. Other times, it is a bit more complex, especially if real estate disputes arise.

Boundary lines are key components of property rights. Before selling or buying a house, a prospective buyer or seller should seek clarification regarding any and all land or structures included with a particular property. Especially if a property was inherited and has stood vacant for a number of years, it is a good idea to obtain a survey of the land so records can be updated.

Foreclosure doesn't always end with home loss

If a borrower stops making payments toward a mortgage, the lender can take legal action. When a foreclosure petition is filed in a Florida court, it is the lender's attempt to recover the balance of the loan. In the case of a mortgage, the process forces the sale of the asset (namely, the home) that was used to secure the loan. Learning that you are at risk for losing your home could be one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life.

It is important to clearly understand the terms of your mortgage contract. It is also critical that you know where to seek support if a problem arises. Any number of issues can happen that will spark financial difficulty and make it impossible to keep up on mortgage payments.

Man facing removal is hoping for adjustment of status

In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants living in detention centers due to various circumstances. Some have requested an adjustment of status by seeking asylum. Others were arrested for suspected crimes, then transferred into the custody of immigration law officers. One man is at risk for removal, but his attorney is working tirelessly to file an appeal on his behalf.

The 25-year-old man is the father of a 17-month-old child whom he has never seen. This is because he has been living in a detention facility that is a far from his family. At one point, he was not even able to meet with his attorney for at least three weeks because his unit was under quarantine because of a mumps outbreak.

Employment immigration: Where permanent workers can find support

A foreign national cannot simply dream of working in Florida or elsewhere in the states then hop on a plane and come here looking for a job. The employment immigration system exists to help people interested in obtaining work visas. Any number of legal problems can arise during the process, which is why it is always best to build a strong support network from the start.

There are many benefits and opportunities for immigrants in the United States. A U.S. employer must be willing to sponsor a man or woman who wishes to travel from abroad as a visa-holder. It is illegal for an employer to knowingly hire an immigrant without proper documentation.

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