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Florida judges often intervene to resolve real estate disputes

When Florida neighbors disagree about property lines or other issues, it often leads to rancorous disputes that are difficult to resolve. Real estate disputes can be quite complicated because the laws that govern such matters are often complex. If those directly involved are unable to achieve an amicable solution to a particular problem, they may seek the court's intervention to make a decision for them. That's apparently what happened in the case of Led Zeppelin rock star, Jimmy Page, and his next door neighbor, Robbie Williams.

Page, at some point, learned that his neighbor was planning to add a megabasement to his home. The new basement would feature a swimming pool and a gymnasium. Page was apparently not too keen on the idea, saying he was worried that construction would negatively affect the foundation of his own home, which happens to be a manor that was built in the 19th century.

US immigration law officials say entries were suspicious

The Department of Health and Human Services currently has many children under its care who arrived at borders to the United States, accompanied by adults. U.S. immigration law officials in Florida and elsewhere typically conduct background checks when adults come forward, saying they want to sponsor migrant children. Such background checks apparently didn't end so well for more than 170 immigrants who have since been detained.

U.S. government officials say they suspect the adults in question illegally entered the country. At least one third of those now in custody reportedly have no criminal history. Most adult sponsors of migrant children are usually the children's own parents or close relatives who already live in the United States.

Asylum advocates call for U.S. immigration law reform

Advocates speaking on behalf of immigrants in another state recently fired some pretty strong accusations against government officials. They say U.S. immigration law needs to change immediately, especially regarding how asylum seekers are being (or are not being) cared for in detention. In fact, such advocates say that the federal government is guilty of child abuse because of current adverse conditions, which witnesses claim are inhumane in a detention facility in their city and beyond. Florida immigrants may want to stay updated on the situation.

As new county supervisors were preparing to be sworn in, hundreds rallied in front of the administration building where the inauguration was scheduled to take place. Those protesting say they themselves have volunteered at migrant shelters and other locations, where they held children shivering from cold due to lack of adequate supplies, such as warm blankets and winter clothing. They also claim that officials have failed to provide medical care to those in need. 

Real estate disputes: Facts re nuisance and tresspass laws

Some Florida residents get along quite well with their neighbors. Others, however, are currently involved in real estate disputes, many of which include issues concerning nuisance and trespass laws. A person might say that his or her neighbor is a nuisance but that does not necessarily mean the situation fits the legal definition of the word. 

A private nuisance basically means that an individual has done or said something that deprived another person of the ability to enjoy his or her own property. It must be substantial and unreasonable. However, a private nuisance does not include a physical invasion of property. A public nuisance, on the other hand, threatens the health, welfare and safety of the general public and may or may not include a physical invasion of a particular property.

Nurse preparing for doctorate worried about adjustment of status

During the George W. Bush administration, El Salvador immigrants in Florida and beyond were granted temporary protective status (TPS). The protection was given to help hundreds of thousands of people who had become displaced due to catastrophic circumstances in their country of origin. Some time before adjustment of status options were offered to these people, a 4-year-old girl forded the Rio Grande river on her mother's shoulders, as they escaped violence and danger in El Salvador.

The little girl grew up in the United States. When she learned about the TPS order, she applied and was granted legal status to live and work in the U.S. She went to nursing school and graduated cum laude and is currently preparing for her doctorate degree.

US immigration law support for Florida residents

Tens of thousands of immigrants have integrated into communities throughout Florida in recent years. In fact, people entering the United States with employment visas, family-based visas and other documents continue to arrive on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for U.S. immigration law issues to arise that delay progress toward status adjustment or to prevent a planned arrival.

Regarding visas, it is important to make sure you are applying for the correct one, according to your circumstances and your ultimate immigration goals. Some types of visas require sponsorship. For instance, if you are coming to the United States to work, your prospective employer must fill out paperwork.

US immigration law brings new business owners in Florida

There seems to be an almost constant influx of immigrants in Florida. As in many other states, a lot of the people who come here from other countries of origin have taken steps under U.S. immigration law to launch their own businesses. Becoming a business owner in the United States is a dream many foreign nationals share.

The National Foundation for American Policy conducted a study that concluded that more than half of all billion dollar start-up businesses in the U.S. include at least one and sometimes more than one immigrant founder. Uber, for one, is a Canadian immigrant-owned company. The rocket manufacturing company, SpaceX was founded by an immigrant from South Africa.

Judge rules on US immigration law case

A 35-year-old man in another state was reportedly taken into custody and placed in detention in July of this year. Florida immigrants who are worried about an apparent increase in immigrant arrests throughout the nation may want to follow this U.S. immigration law case. Many immigrant advocates have been decrying the government's handling of this particular situation.  

The man was working as a pizza delivery man at the time. In his personal life, he was also navigating a process to adjust his legal status in connection with a deportation order that was issued in 2010. The man's wife is a U.S. citizen; his children are as well. 

Police officer's death sparks US immigration law controversy

Many Florida immigrants and their families live in fear that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will show up unannounced and take one or more of their family members away. Those who are living in the United States who have criminal records (even if they fulfilled their sentences) are reportedly among those at greatest risk for arrest and deportation. A man in another state was recently listed as eligible for immediate removal following an incident that resulted in a police officer's death. The situation has ignited contentious debate regarding U.S. immigration law, in particular, sanctuary issues.

ICE officials say the man in question had never been on their radar until he was accused of killing a police officer. U.S. government officials are apparently blaming sanctuary laws in the state where the man was arrested, claiming local police failed to inform them of the man's resident status and multiple arrests for drunk driving. A sheriff also said he believes the man is involved in a gang.

Is the start of your new year clouded by real estate disputes?

Florida residents and others across the country are kicking off a brand new year, which for many, includes setting personal or business-related goals that they hope to achieve in the months ahead. Such goals often include a desire to buy or sell property or to launch a new business. It is unfortunate (but not uncommon) when such endeavors spark real estate disputes.

Any time contracts are involved, there is always a risk for things to go wrong, especially if one or more parties does not clearly understand the terms of an agreement. It is critical to thoroughly review a proposed contract before signing to make certain you understand your obligations as well as those of any other party involved. An experienced real estate law attorney is used to reviewing property and business contracts and can spot potential problem issues that may lead to disputes down the line.

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