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Real estate disputes: Neighbor sets up controversial lawn display

Many Florida properties have fences. They come in various shapes and sizes. In some neighborhoods, there are regulations regarding how tall a fence can be. When real estate disputes erupt between neighbors, it is often because of property line problems, such as extending tree limbs or fence issues.

A person in another state filed a complaint about a neighbor's fence. As a result of the complaint, city officials ordered the fence owner to lower the fence or incur a fine. The fence owner complied with the order and lowered his fence to 36 inches, which meant that neighbors then had a clear view of his lawn. He came up with a plan to let everyone know just how he felt about the situation.

Mother and son arrested by US immigration law officers

On any given day, visitors to Florida might encounter activists protesting one issue or another regarding immigration policies in the United States. In this state and across the country, U.S. immigration law is a controversial topic that often incites heated debate. A protest rally in another state recently caused many immigrant advocates concern when Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested a mother and son.

The mother in question is age 41 and her son is 22. He is an immigrant rights activist who was, at the time, participating in a rally taking place in front of a federal building to protest certain issues. At some point, ICE swooped in and placed the man under arrest, later stating that he was convicted for DUI last year and, therefore, subject to deportation because the incident removed his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.

Communicable disease, current US immigration law issue

Tens of thousands of immigrants are currently residing in detention facilities in Florida and across the country. U.S. immigration law officials must provide for their temporal needs, including medical care, as needed. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents say there are more than 50,000 immigrants detained at this time.

Of those 50,000, approximately 2,000 or more are quarantined because they are said to be suffering from various diseases. In the past year, more than 50 detention facilities have experienced mumps outbreaks. In fact, a mumps outbreak at one particular center impeded a man's ability to seek release during his asylum process. 

Real estate disputes among other recent problems for Dykstra

Former center fielder for the Mets, Lenny Dykstra, is knee-deep in legal trouble regarding a property sale. The current situation is apparently only one of many legal problems he has faced in recent years. Right now, he is accused of wrongdoing regarding real estate disputes. While the plaintiffs in a lawsuit have not named him as a defendant, he is at the center of the controversy that is being battled out in court. There may be Florida residents currently trying to resolve similar property issues.

The buyer of a non-profit wedding venue and swim club says Lenny Dykstra pressured him to sign the property over to lenders. He also said the former major league baseball player received $130,000 in a loan origination fee when the deal went through. Dykstra denies any wrongdoing, saying he merely introduced the parties and had nothing more to do with the sale.

Did US immigration law agents arrest Florida man without cause?

A new film in making its rounds at arts festivals and in cinemas. A Florida man who emigrated to the United States from another country of origin is one of the film's key figures. In it, the man speaks about civil rights violations and dire conditions in one of the state's for-profit immigration detention centers. Many believe it was his participation in the film that prompted U.S. immigration law officers to arrest him, allegedly without cause. 

The man recently showed up for a scheduled immigration appointment regarding his visa. An official reportedly announced his name to call him forward for the meeting. He never made it to the designated area, however, because several Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers swooped in and took him into custody.

Threat of foreclosure: Possible options to save your Florida home

Lenders sometimes foreclose on a home when owners have stopped making mortgage payments. In such cases, a homeowner is said to be in default on his or her loan. Foreclosure is a legal process handled in the Florida court system. Fortunately, many Florida homeowners have been able to overcome the financial issues that placed their homes at risk. 

From the lenders' perspective, activating the foreclosure process means a ton of paperwork and other behind-the-scenes tasks that make their jobs more stressful. In short, they don't want to have to foreclose on your home. This is why, if you run into serious financial problems, you'll want to contact your lender right away, to discuss whether your mortgage payments can be temporarily deferred or an alternate payment plan arranged until you get your finances back on track.

Best jobs when arriving in Florida via employment immigration

Immigrating to Florida is definitely not without its challenges. One of the most common concerns immigrants have is whether they'll be able to land a job. There are also numerous obstacles that can arise during the employment immigration visa process. Knowing where to seek support is often the key to overcoming such problems.

Those who have college degrees, speak English fluently and possess high-level skills may wish to pursue employment in the computer software industry or other venues of advanced technology. Many immigrants also earn incomes as marketing researchers, technical engineers or even in specialized fields, such as licensed medical care providers. Not every person is equipped for such jobs, however.

Real estate disputes ongoing: Town officials versus developer

Most Florida developers can relate to suffering setbacks in their plans to begin construction projects. Any number of issues may prompt such delays. Often, a need to extend a start date may be sparked by financial problems. Town officials in another state are currently facing off in real estate disputes against a developer, and the two sides disagree in their interpretations of state law regarding vested rights extension.

This type of extension is granted to developers who need more time before they can start their projects. In this particular situation, the development project includes a 25-room boutique/hotel. Builders were supposed to start construction in December 2018; however, an extension was requested. 

Florida man facing US immigration law problems and more

Florida news headlines recently reported that police were searching for a the driver of a car that had allegedly fled the scene of a three-vehicle collision. A man has since been taken into custody. Police say the man is now facing criminal charges as well as U.S. immigration law problems.

The man in question is age 43 and supposedly does not have all his immigration paperwork in order. Police say it was two weeks after the multi-vehicle that they arrested him. A woman contacted deputies after seeing a photo of herself on Facebook, apparently posted by police, who wrote that she was using the debit card of the man they were searching for at the time.

Woman who immigrated to Florida discusses US immigration law

A woman who emigrated alongside her mother from Colombia years ago recently spoke about headline news involving famed rapper 21 Savage. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested the music star, and a massive public outcry ensued, which ultimately led to his release. The young woman said the only reason Savage's story as an undocumented immigrant has been in the news is that he is famous, and she says tens of thousands of immigrants like herself and her mother have faced serious U.S. immigration law problems in Florida and beyond with no one to advocate for them.

The woman crossed a U.S. border when she was not yet 10 years old.  She was to stay with relatives while her mother underwent cancer treatment. They sought asylum after the child told of sexual assault she had suffered in their country of origin.

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