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Real estate disputes: Neighbors complain about house color

Many homeowners are legally bound by certain laws or contractual agreements regarding the appearance or structure of their homes or surrounding property. For instance, in a historic district, a homeowner might be prohibited from installing a modern-style fence or using certain paint colors on the outside of his or her house. A father and son in Florida are reportedly entangled in real estate disputes that have spilled over in a bothersome way among their neighbors.

The father and his son jointly purchased a Naples home for approximately $500,000 some years ago. The house is currently said to be worth nearly $30,000 more. At some point, however, the father filed a lawsuit in order to force a sale and divide the proceeds. 

US immigration law: Will teenager be deported?

From the time a Florida immigrant is placed in detention to the time his or her case is fully adjudicated, many months or even years might pass. A 19-year-old male has been in detention for approximately two years. During that time, he confided in a licensed therapist regarding many atrocities he had experienced as an unaccompanied minor who had entered the United States. U.S. immigration law officials somehow learned of the issues the teen discussed with his therapist, and he is now at risk for immediate deportation.

The young man believed that everything he was talking about with the therapist was going to be kept confidential. However, it is not illegal for licensed therapists to share information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, although most therapists would agree that doing so would violate patient/therapist confidentiality. In this case, the teenager was appearing via video at a hearing he was hoping would end with the court's approval of his request for asylum.

Employment immigration: Don't fall for a hoax

Being offered a job in Florida or elsewhere in the United States can be very exciting for a person who plans to emigrate from another country of origin. Problems can arise, however, if a person allows his or her excitement to take priority over careful planning and adherence to employment immigration laws. Sadly, there are people who try to take financial advantage of immigrants, promising them to expedite the application process or help secure a visa for a fee.

It is important to remember that visas are not for sale and anyone seeking employment-based entrance to the United States must follow application regulations. Many U.S. employers and companies sponsor immigrants so they can obtain work visas or green cards to legally enter this country. There are numerous requirements that must be satisfied before an application can be fully processed.

Laws and policies associated with US citizenship

Many Florida residents were not born in the United States. However, acquiring naturalized citizenship is a common goal among many immigrants in this state and others. Once a person becomes a U.S. citizen, he or she cannot lose the status except through voluntary relinquishment. This means that a person who no longer wishes to be a U.S. citizen may take legal steps to renounce his or her U.S. nationality.

An immigrant seeking citizenship in the United States must first meet eligibility requirements. Becoming a citizen doesn't happen overnight. It is a process that typically includes weeks or months of study, filling out applications and taking various tests. More than 700,000 people attain citizenship every year in this country.

Judge's US immigration law ruling will affect many lives

Many Florida immigrants know what it is like to be called an interview with government officials. It can be stressful, to say the least, especially if the person in question may be at risk for deportation. However, a U.S. District Court judge sitting in another state recently handed down a ruling that may affect many immigrants who are currently involved in U.S. immigration law proceedings.

The judge's ruling states that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in that particular state may not use immigration marriage interviews to make arrests for deportation. In fact, the ruling means that those who are navigating proceedings to obtain permanent residency status based on marriage to a U.S. citizen are hereby protected from detainment for the purpose of removal so long as their legal proceedings remain active. Those in support of the judge's ruling say it will help prevent family separations.

Real estate disputes: Tennant vs. landlord disagreements

You might be one of many Florida residents who rent an apartment or condominium complex in this state. Perhaps you live there full-time, year-round or maybe you reside in another state and use your rental property to escape winter weather elsewhere. If real estate disputes arise between you and your landlord, it can cause a lot of stress, and might be difficult to resolve.

Tenants and landlords each have rights and obligations regarding rented properties. Various matters, such as collecting or paying security deposits, laws regarding fair housing and more may become important issues if a dispute arises between the two parties. Lease agreements, also, are often subject to dispute, particularly if one party accuses the other of failing to adhere to the terms of a specific contract.

US immigration law issues still unresolved for rap music star

Rap music fans in Florida  and elsewhere may recall an incident that occurred last year involving a rising star in the industry. U.S. immigration law problems arose for artist 21 Savage when he was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. The rapper emigrated from Great Britain to the United States as a child.

ICE arrested 21 Savage last year, accusing him of overstaying his visa. If an immigration court were to sustain the formal charges, he would likely be deported and banned from returning to the United States for at least a decade. Numerous people, including rock superstar Jay Z, stepped in to advocate for 21 Savage's release from detention. In mid-February, 2019, he was released on a bond.

Many shopping malls are struggling to avoid foreclosure

In Florida and across the United States, online shopping continues to gain popularity. For entrepreneurs who use the internet to market and sell their products and services, this no doubt comes as good news. Shopping mall owners, however, might not be as excited, especially when the threat of foreclosure has become a concern for many of them.

A mall in another state is currently struggling with approximately 30% of its storefronts vacant. There are numerous schools of thought on what has led to a decrease in shopping mall traffic in recent years. Online shopping is undoubtedly a key factor.

US immigration law problems in Florida re man's death

Someone dies in Florida every single day. However, when a particular death has to do with U.S. immigration law detention issues, immigrant advocates pay close attention, and often reiterate their cries for needed government reform. A 63-year-old man died while in ICE custody on a recent Monday.

This was the second immigrant death in detention in approximately a week. It is also the sixth since October. Preliminary reports indicate the death of the 63-year-old was due to a heart attack. The man who died on a recent Saturday was much younger, at age 39. Sadly, that man's death was listed as a suicide.

US immigration law: Legal support helpful when problems arise

Every day, new immigrants arrive in Florida and other states to begin new lives. Some make the long journey alone while others are accompanied by family members. Adapting to a new life in the United States is often easier if there are already family members here waiting to welcome a newcomer. In either case, however, if U.S. immigration law problems arise, it can cause great stress and worry for everyone involved.

Perhaps, one of your goals is to obtain permanent residency status. It is critical that you understand the process and know how to file an application. Then again, perhaps, you already possess a green card but it is nearing expiration and you are unclear about the renewal process.

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