Startup Act 2.0 could help Miami grads seeking employment visas

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After two, four or even more years of school, Miami students are ready to face the world. They are ready to start their careers, their families and build their futures, but for some the American Dream is a lot more complicated. A large percentage of recent grads in Miami are in the United States on a student visa. A student visa ends shortly after graduation and getting an employment visa can be a complicated process.

That process could become a little easier if a bill known as Startup Act 2.0 is passed. In a rare show of political agreement, a group of Democrats and Republicans came together to show support for the bill that would make it easier for immigrants with graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math to remain on U.S. shores.

The proposed legislation was recently introduced in both the Senate and the House. While some people criticize immigration reform bills such as this one as being detrimental for Americans in the job market, the research certainly shows otherwise.

Not only is there a shortage of STEM job applicants, but — contrary to most job markets — the demand for these graduates is increasing at a rapid rate and we’re losing some of the best applicants to foreign markets. It’s no surprise as well that with successful corporations comes more job creation.

Whether this bill passes or not, obtaining an employment visa is a vital part of many individuals’ lives. Any delay or problem can have damaging effects for the individual, which is why it is important that they have an experienced attorney on their side that can ensure that the process goes smoothly and that an immigrant’s rights are protected throughout.

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