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July 2019 Archives

Build strong support network to avoid US immigration law trouble

Most Florida immigrants can relate to feeling stressed as they traveled to the United States and started new lifestyles. U.S. immigration law is complex and evolving, making it difficult to stay updated, even for those with legal backgrounds in this area. Legal status problems can arise at any time, which is why it is so important to know ahead of time where to seek support.

Will this man's adjustment of status include deportation?

In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants living in sanctuary. There may be any number of reasons why a particular foreign national's paperwork might not be in good order, which can place him or her at risk for immediate removal from the United States unless he or she is able to obtain an adjustment of status. A large crowd gathered recently in another state to offer support and advocacy for a man who has been living in a church for more than a year.

Real estate disputes: Neighbor cut down other neighbor's trees

When Florida residents purchase homes, it is critical that they understand where their property lines are to avoid problems with neighbors. Otherwise, real estate disputes might arise. This is what happened to a couple in another state, who now say they offered to pay for damage they accidentally did to a neighbor's property but are worried she is going to take them to court anyway.

Employment immigration: If legal problems arise

Many foreign nationals arrive in Florida arrive under a particular legal status. Employment immigration visas allow immigrants who satisfy eligibility requirements to live and work in the United States. There are three preference categories under an EB status. It can be highly stressful trying to figure out which visa you need when you're making plans to travel to this state or another to work.

US immigration law: Which Florida homes will ICE visit?

It is no secret that the U.S. government has been actively searching for undocumented immigrants in Florida and throughout the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers say it is part of their plan to find and remove immigrants who entered the United States without proper documentation according to U.S. immigration law. While ICE used to focus on places of business and other public areas when searching for undocumented immigrants, they have recently started showing up on people's private doorsteps, unannounced.

Adjustment of status issues that concern many Florida immigrants

When a person arrives in Florida from another country of origin, his or her circumstances may not always be as desired. In fact, many immigrants have adjustment of status issues that they hope to resolve as refugees or through asylum. Each situation is unique and a law that applies to one person may not be applicable to another.

US immigration law: Florida detention center under fire

Homestead is one of many cities in the United States that houses immigrants in detention centers. In fact, a facility in this Florida city was the central focus of a heated congressional debate on a recent Tuesday. Many speakers implored the U.S. government to better protect immigrants by enacting immediate and drastic reform of its immigration policies. The immigration detention center in Homestead is one of many throughout the nation where conditions have been described as abhorrent and inhumane.

Threat of foreclosure doesn't necessarily lead to a done deal

It is understandable that a Florida homeowner facing a serious financial crisis might be worried about keeping up with mortgage payments. Even missing a couple payments can place someone at risk for foreclosure. If such a risk becomes a reality, it is best to try to not panic and to learn as much as possible solutions as possible because there are often ways to get things back on track without losing one's home.

Real estate disputes: Boundaries, titles and more

When someone purchases or sells a piece of real estate in Florida, he or she undoubtedly hopes to avoid legal problems. If the property in question is a residential dwelling, it is critical to make sure no problems arise with other property owners in the area. Issues such as boundary lines can be difficult to resolve when real estate disputes erupt, so it is always best to try to avoid them from the start.

US immigration law: Protestors call for action

Many Florida households include members who are currently worried about their immigration legal statuses. In fact, hundreds, if not thousands, of families in this state and others are worried they may never see certain family members again because they have been locked up in immigration detention centers. Such centers are often said to be filthy, unhealthy and dangerous places, which has prompted protesters to call for changes in US immigration law.

Support available for those facing real estate disputes

Many Florida residents are currently entangled in legal disagreements in conjunction with buying or selling property. Real estate disputes can be challenging to resolve. While it is possible to try to negotiate a solution on one's own, it typically is not the best option available. Sometimes, when negotiations are not successful, litigation is necessary.

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