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August 2019 Archives

US immigration law: Did police change this immigrant's words?

Immigrant families and couples in Florida are just like anyone else -- they have problems sometimes. In some situations, such problems lead to domestic violence issues that are brought to the court's attention. When U.S. immigration law officials or police are involved, it is critical that they translate or repeat a witness's testimony correctly.

Real estate disputes didn't end well for Zac Brown

Country music fans in Florida and beyond are often willing to stand in long lines to get into venues for a Zac Brown concert. Many may not be aware, however, that Brown has been dealing with problems that stem from real estate disputes in his personal life. Brown owns a home in another state and that residence has been the central focus of the proceedings.

Rural locations spark US immigration law problems for immigrants

Florida immigrants often encounter problems regarding their legal statuses. Along with others throughout the country, many of them wind up in detention centers. U.S. immigration law states that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are treat immigrants civilly, not punitively, in detention.

US immigration law: Class action lawsuit filed against ICE

Florida residents with family members who are immigrants may want to follow a national case as it unfolds. U.S. immigration law, and immigration detention issues in particular, are the central focus of a class action lawsuit filed against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Among the plaintiffs is a U.S. Marine veteran who was injured during active duty.

How a thorough contract can help avoid real estate disputes

Contracts are integral components of real estate transactions. Whether you're a buyer, seller, investor or planner, it's likely that you will be reviewing, signing, perhaps even writing contracts as you navigate the industry. Real estate disputes are often sparked by contract problems, which is why Florida residents are wise to make sure they have a strong support network in place from the start.

Man's neighbors get involved in US immigration law situation

Florida immigrants are often at risk for deportation. They never know when Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers might make an arrest. This causes many people a lot of stress in their daily lives. U.S. immigration law officers often show up unannounced.

Immigrants in another state facing US immigration law problems

Florida police, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, are legally bound by certain protocol and restrictions regarding searches, seizures and arrests. A police officer cannot simply target someone, even if he or she is an immigrant, for no logical reason in order to make an arrest. Any number of issues may arise concerning an immigrant's legal status, however, that can spark serious U.S. immigration law problems.

Foreclosure on the rise in certain Florida areas

Florida mortgage lenders are often willing to agree to alternate plans when homeowners are having trouble meeting monthly payments on their mortgages. Any number of issues can spark serious and unexpected financial crises that impede a homeowner's ability to keep up with mortgage payments. Lenders typically want to avoid foreclosure just as much as homeowners do because it requires a lot of paperwork and stress on their end.

Florida real estate disputes regarding neighbor nuisances

Living in a populated area definitely has its perks but can also have a significant downside as well. When a Florida resident gets along well with the neighbors, he or she likely enjoys living in close proximity to them. However, if real estate disputes arise because of nuisance issues with neighbors, things can get messy.

Keep this in mind to avoid adjustment of status problems

Moving to Florida as an immigrant can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Any number of issues can arise to cause obstacles in the adjustment of status process. There are several ideas to keep in mind that may help keep stress to a minimum and avoid serious legal problems.

Adjustment of status: Support regarding residency and citizenship

Being an immigrant in Florida or elsewhere in the United States is often not without its challenges. When you first arrived at a U.S. border, you may have had a significant language barrier, perhaps needed a place to live, or were worried about acclimating to American society and adapting to a new lifestyle. Seeking an adjustment of status in connection with residency or citizenship may be one of your highest goals in life.

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