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June 2019 Archives

US permanent residency: Marriage after a student visa entry?

Many students in Florida universities are immigrants who entered the United States from other countries of origin. The student visa process allows thousands of people to attend U.S. colleges and universities on a temporary basis. If an immigrant marries a U.S. citizen or someone with U.S. permanent residency, his or her legal status will also change.

Update on real estate disputes involving Katy Perry

Some Florida readers may be familiar with a legal battle that has been ongoing between Katy Perry and members of the Catholic Church. These real estate disputes erupted some time ago when nuns in a convent sold their property to an entrepreneur. The only problem was that another buyer was also interested in the same property, and it happened to be Perry.

US immigration law: Actress implores public to decry detention

Alyssa Milano fans in Florida and elsewhere may be interested in knowing what the actress has to say regarding immigration detention. She has been outspoken about a need for reform regarding U.S. immigration law. In particular, she has tried to raise awareness about problems occurring in immigration detention centers in this state and others.

US immigration law: Florida immigrants may be affected by changes

It is no secret that staying updated on immigration-related issues can be quite challenging due to how often the laws and regulations change. The governor of Florida recently signed a bill regarding U.S. immigration law that is likely to have an impact on many immigrants in this state. Many people have been talking about the new state regulations, and as is common regarding immigration topics, opinions range from fully supportive to strongly opposed.

What to do if obstacles arise in your path to citizenship

Perhaps you're one of many Florida immigrants who are currently studying and preparing for one of the most important tests of their lives. You came to the United States with dreams and an ultimate goal of obtaining citizenship. You've been working toward that goal ever since you crossed a U.S. border.

Real estate disputes: Is Target a department store, or not?

Many Florida consumers shop at Target. It is logical to assume that most people who do would consider it a department store. However, there are real estate disputes currently ongoing in another state where that assumption has been questioned and, in fact, legally rejected.

Backlog in courts causes delays re adjustment of status

Many immigrant advocates in Florida and elsewhere say the U.S. government can and should do a better job of processing immigration cases. It can be quite challenging to obtain an adjustment of status. However, some say it does not have to so difficult, and the reason it is has more to do with a backlog in the courts than anything else.

Foreclosure defense and loss mitigation: Where to seek support

Any number of issues can spark serious financial challenges for Florida homeowners. You might lose a job or someone in your household might have a medical situation that prompts unexpected expenses. These and many other issues can throw finances out of whack, especially if you're unprepared to meet an unexpected debt. If a financial crisis has caused you to be unable to pay your mortgage and you are currently worried about foreclosure, it's critical that you know your rights and also where to seek support.

Real estate disputes: Can homeowners cut trees down?

Many Florida homeowners have large trees in their front yards. Whether they can fell such trees at their own discretion depends on whether city ordinances or homeowner association regulations apply in a particular situation. A couple in another state is currently involved in real estate disputes regarding two 40-foot tall trees on their property.

US immigration law: Doctors say children are at risk

Immigrants comprise a significant portion of many Florida communities. U.S. immigration law is a hot topic that often sparks debate, with immigrant advocates and others weighing in on both sides of the issue. Two doctors say they are especially concerned about children residing in detention facilities throughout the country.

U.S. immigration law update: Pastor and spouse deported

Many Florida readers have been following a case involving a Lutheran student pastor and her spouse. Things have taken a turn for the worse regarding the couple's legal status, after U.S. immigration law officers showed up at their home. The couple's 26-year-old daughter and 5-year-old grand-daughter are also involved.

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