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December 2019 Archives

Adjustment of status not needed to drive in another state

Immigrants in Florida and across the country may be interested to learn that another state has enacted new policies that may affect those living there under an undocumented status. In the state in question, it is now legal for immigrants to apply for a driver's license, even if they have not been granted an adjustment of status, meaning, their paperwork is not in good standing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are reportedly not happy about the recent developments, stating that they believe it is placing public safety at risk and undermining the efforts of the U.S. government regarding immigration law.

Simplifying facts regarding US immigration law

There are currently thousands of immigrants living and working in Florida. It is no secret that U.S. immigration law is highly complex and often a subject of debate. If you or your loved one are currently experiencing problems related to immigration or legal status issues, it is a good idea to connect with someone who can provide guidance and support.

Worried that holiday expenses will lead to foreclosure?

Perhaps, like many Florida households, yours has been experiencing a financial crisis as 2019 nears its end. Personal economics often fluctuates throughout the year, with some months being more financially stable than others. Medical bills, change of income or even holiday expenditures can be catalysts that tip financial scales in the wrong direction, sometimes leading to serious legal situations, such as threat of foreclosure.

Group of immigrants elated as pathway to citizenship clears

There is one ultimate goal for most people who immigrate to Florida. They want to achieve citizenship in the United States. It can be a lengthy process and any number of legal obstacles can arise, which is why it pays to connect with a strong support network from the start. A group of people who came to this country from Liberia are rejoicing this week after a provision in a bill that was recently passed will allow them to apply for permanent residency if they satisfy all requirements. 

Residents of a Florida community facing real estate disputes

Most everyone is familiar with Disney World in Florida. Decades ago, Walt Disney spoke of creating a Utopian society called "Celebration Florida" where "the simple life" would be preserved not far from Magic Kingdom. In this community, every home and lawn would be freshly manicured, kids would play games that did not include sophisticated technology, and life itself would be carried out at a slower, more enjoyable pace. The dream had seemed to come to fruition, but in time serious real estate disputes were sparked between two groups that are still battling things out in court today.

Real estate disputes not over yet. Will high court hear the case?

The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to hear a complex case that has already passed through the lower courts of the state. The plaintiffs are appealing from an adverse ruling made in the 1st District Court of Appeals. The real estate disputes involved have to do with a state constitutional amendment that voters approved several years ago.

US immigration law: Florida centers receive negative report

There are numerous immigration detention centers in Florida, and many more throughout the United States. It is not uncommon for various entities to submit U.S. immigration law reports that show such facilities in either positive or negative light, depending on certain factors. For instance, if detainees in a particular center are well-cared for in a clean environment, then a positive review would likely be given.

US immigration law: ICE statements unverified by detainees

A group of immigrant advocates in another state recently protested at that state's capitol. The women are calling on U.S. immigration law officials to protect women in immigration detention facilities. They recently visited a privately-owned detention center and were horrified by what the detainees told them. Many of the issues raised at the protest impact immigration detainees in Florida as well.

Foreclosure: These issues are often key factors

Most people who purchase Florida real estate understand from the start that making timely mortgage payments is a key factor toward satisfying a loan debt and avoiding legal problems. Then again, most people also realize that life has a way of prompting unexpected circumstances that may make it difficult or impossible to keep up with an agreed-upon payment schedule. This can lead to financial issues, including legal problems such as foreclosure.

Employment immigration: These jobs might be options for you

There are numerous reasons tens of thousands of people want to immigrate to Florida to work and live. Employment immigration policies allow men and women who qualify to apply for visas through prospective employers. U.S. employers are obligated to make sure they are hiring eligible workers who are in no way prohibited from entering the United States.

Advocates say man's adjustment of status is going well

Like many Florida immigrants, a man in another state has spent an extensive amount of time in a detention facility. He is one of tens of thousands of immigrants who come to the United States seeking adjustment of status after fleeing countries of origin where their lives were in grave danger. There is a specific process for seeking asylum; it is not uncommon for legal complications to arise when someone crosses a U.S. border without paperwork in order.

Real estate disputes: Did a code violation occur in this case?

Many Florida apartment complexes include elderly residents. If a tenant dies, there are state codes and regulations that govern issues such as removal of personal items from a decedent's apartment. Real estate disputes might arise if a relative or other person acting on behalf of a decedent believes management has disregarded such rules.

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