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April 2016 Archives

All immigrant children have the right to public education

Young people and families who leave their homes in foreign countries in order to take up residence in the Miami area often have many obstacles in making the trip. For those who are unable to achieve legal status once they arrive, the challenges that follow may be just as difficult as the initial journey. However, the National Education Association points out that although undocumented children and teen immigrants may not be able to find work because of their status, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that they are entitled to an education in the nation’s public school system.

Good news about South Florida foreclosures

Making house payments in the months and years after the recession hit has been difficult for many homeowners in Miami-Dade County and the other two counties in the South Florida area. While some who face serious financial challenges have continued to pay their mortgages on time despite their struggles, others have been unable to meet the obligations and are facing foreclosure.

Before your HOA starts a neighborhood watch program

Home security provides peace of mind in any community in Florida, but you may be interested in going beyond an alarm system, cameras or motion sensors around your own property. Many neighborhoods across America have developed crime watch programs, and as a board member of your homeowners’ association, you may believe that it would be profitable for yours, as well. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we often provide assistance to HOAs when they are deliberating issues that could have legal ramifications.

Governing documents of your HOA

Moving into a condominium in Miami often provides you with the advantages of a homeowners’ association. Along with the positive influence this governing body has over your community, there are obligations that you will be expected to meet, as well. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we understand that reviewing the information you are given as a new member is an important part of settling into your neighborhood.

DAPA case currently being considered by U.S. Supreme Court

There are circumstances in Florida, such as a child acquiring U.S. citizenship at birth, that could result in a minor’s legal residence in the country even when a parent does not have the appropriate documentation. If this occurs, the inability of a mother or father to acquire a visa may make it impossible to find lawful employment in order to support the child. It could even result in deportation, which would leave a child who is a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen without parental care.

Legal representation and your mortgage closing

Buying a house in Miami can be a transaction that changes a person’s life forever. The mortgage closing is the opportunity to make sure it will be a change for the better, and not a burden that will cause financial or emotional hardship later. The final contract that is signed is a legally binding document, and any issues that arise as a result of the terms could result in real estate litigation.

Family preference and immediate relative immigrant visas

Some people who do not initially qualify for an immigrant visa to move to Miami or elsewhere in the United States may rely on a relative to gain permanent resident status and then sponsor them. As the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs explains, the relationship between the sponsor and the family member makes a difference in both the type of family visa petition that should be filed and how easily it may be obtained.

Current U.S.-Cuba immigration policy may not change soon

Difficult situations in many countries have residents searching for any channel in which to find passage to Florida and elsewhere in the United States for refuge. Crossing an ocean or traveling long distances by foot is not uncommon, even when immigrants are unsure that they will be able to stay once they arrive.

What you should know about SB-1 returning resident visas

As a U.S. permanent resident in Miami, Florida, you may have taken the opportunity to go abroad at some point. Whether this was to visit family members in your home country, to conduct business or for pleasure, if you were unable to return within the appropriate time frame, your permanent residency could be in jeopardy. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, understand the importance of regaining your status, as well as the steps that many have taken to return to their homes in the United States.

What you should know about foreclosure rescue scams

Paying on a mortgage in Miami, Florida, can be difficult when a person is on a fixed income, but maintaining ownership of the real estate is important. People who are struggling financially and concerned that they will not be able to continue making mortgage payments may be seeking alternatives that allow them to stay in their homes. There are programs available that may provide the assistance needed. However, there are also dishonest professionals such as real estate agents and mortgage companies that create false programs to take advantage of senior homeowners who find themselves in a vulnerable position.

What are the financial benefits of a housing cooperative?

If you are weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the types of homes available to you in Miami, Florida, how the purchase affects your economic status may be one of the primary considerations. Real estate purchases are investments with potentially significant expenses related to maintaining value. Buying into a housing cooperative necessarily includes expenses, too, but in many ways this option provides a number of unique advantages.

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