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November 2015 Archives

What is humanitarian parole?

Immigration is a topic of concern for many people in Miami; however, not every foreigner who comes to the United States does so with the intent of staying. There are some instances in which you, as a non-U.S. citizen, may apply for permission to come into the country for a brief period without a visa. You would apply for humanitarian parole if you needed to enter the country to attend to an emergency or for public interest reasons, states the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

What should homeowners know about property easements?

Like many new homeowners in Miami and across the country, you might discover that your home title contains an item called an “easement.” What exactly does this mean? Simply put, an easement is a right-of-way provision that allows other people or entities the use or access to part of your land. This may not sound appealing, but usually won’t affect you negatively if you understand the terms of the easement.

U.S. employers are demanding skilled foreign workers

At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we are familiar with the concerns of immigrants who come to Miami and other parts of the United States to pursue employment. One of the ways you might be allowed to work in the country is by obtaining an H-1B visa. These employment visas are reserved for those with skills in a certain field, such as mathematics, science, engineering or architecture.

After Paris attacks, new House bill may affect Syrian refugees

The recent terrorist attacks against Paris and other locations devastated the globe. After millions in Florida and elsewhere rallied to support France and renew their stance against senseless terrorism, fear began to take hold. Could refugees hoping to escape violence in their home countries be trusted? The future began to look uncertain for countless hopeful refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Many Americans did not want to allow anyone in the country who were nationals from countries largely controlled by terrorists.

What challenges do unaccompanied minor immigrants face?

If you’re a parent, it might be shocking to imagine young children fleeing from violence to travel to another country in hopes of finding safety. Tragically, this is the case for thousands of minor immigrants in Florida and other states. According to the Center for American Progress, incidents of children traveling to the United States by themselves increased at least 92 percent in 2014 from the year before. The main reason for children running from Central America to the United States is violence.

Veteran immigrants being deported

Thousands of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are deported from the United States every year. According to the latest statistics by the Pew Research Center, over 438,000 immigrants were sent back to their home countries in fiscal year 2013. Out of these, 240,000 were reportedly non-criminals.

Qualifying for a home mortgage and other loans after foreclosure

After going through a foreclosure, you may hear a great deal of conflicting advice. Some may say you can recover fairly quickly from this type of setback, or you might be told it can take at least a decade until you’re able to buy a house again. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., our experience aiding Miami residents facing foreclosure has given us a deep insight into the myths and truths surrounding this difficult experience. We are often able to put clients’ minds at ease despite one of the most challenging events of their lives.

A large percentage of inventors in America are immigrants

With many immigrants coming into the country through Florida, immigration is an issue of concern for some Miami residents. They may not understand that a large portion of people born outside the United States contribute to American society and innovation in an important way.

Why is marriage fraud a big deal?

Most immigrants and citizens of Florida are aware of the possibility of gaining legal immigration status by marriage. As it’s been pointed out in previous posts on this blog, after obtaining temporary legal status in the United States, most immigrants have the option of adjusting their status to seek permanent residency or eventual citizenship. Getting married is one of several avenues to achieve this end; however, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, a U.S. citizen or legal resident’s marriage to a foreign national must be a valid union, or it is considered to be marriage immigration fraud.

Immigrants steal Americans’ jobs – or do they?

As one of the top states for immigration, with the Migration Policy Institute reporting 3.8 million immigrants in the state in 2013, Florida has its share of people who may resent foreigners moving in. One of the most common arguments against unchecked immigration is how it supposedly affects the economy and American jobs. Newcomers to the country, especially illegal immigrants, take jobs away from natural-born citizens who need and deserve these jobs – or so the argument goes.

Nuisance control or Ebenezer Scrooge? HOAs and holiday displays

At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we have a great deal of experience handling homeowners association issues. We understand the common types of regulations HOAs may enforce to maintain the value of community properties and foster peace among neighbors. Many Miami residents are probably excited about the upcoming holiday season – some of them may be a little too enthusiastic for HOA standards, points out Consumer Affairs. What are some of the restrictions that homeowners associations may enact regarding holiday decorations?

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