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July 2015 Archives

Immigrants in detention centers may endure sexual abuse

Some people who hope to make a better life in the United States end up in immigration detention facilities. Unfortunately, not every immigrant in Miami is treated with dignity and respect if he or she is put in a detainment center. There have been numerous reports of abuses at several detainment centers across the country, including in Florida. Sadly, this is a situation that many undocumented immigrants face on a daily basis.

Can I appeal my citizenship ruling?

The process of filing for permanent residency and/or petitioning for an adjustment of status can be lengthy and rather involved in many cases. In fact, it is not unheard of for green card applications to be denied. That does not necessarily mean, however, that an immigration decision is final. If your immigration petition is denied, it is important to understand your rights and options for having your case reevaluated.

Appreciating the importance of title insurance

No matter if you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor in Miami commercial real estate, you commit a great deal of yourself and finances when making any kind of property purchase. As such, you have the right to be informed and comfortable with all of the various aspects of the purchase contract and title of the property that you are committing to. Obtaining title insurance can go a long way to provide you with the peace of mind and legal security necessary to make a sound real estate investment. It is for this reason that we here at Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., provide our clients with comprehensive title insurance services.

Florida foreclosure rates signal cautious optimism

While the housing market crash affected individual Florida homeowners on different levels, the recession had a huge impact on the state collectively. Countless homeowners were confronted with serious financial challenges, and thousands were forced into foreclosure. In 2015, many Florida residents are still dealing with unstable mortgage conditions; however, there is evidence to suggest that foreclosure rates are finally on the decline.

A brief overview of employment immigration guidelines

American companies continually strive to acquire the greatest minds and talents in their industries by searching internationally for new employees. Beyond that, many different fields of work benefit from the skills and practical experiences that people from other countries offer. The United States government recognizes the strengths that immigrant workers possess, and allows for employment-based immigration under a large number of circumstances. However, it is important for those thinking of working in the U.S. to familiarize themselves with current immigration guidelines.

How does foreclosure affect your credit score?

While many financial experts would agree that foreclosing upon your home should never be your first choice for confronting financial challenges, it is a responsible and viable option in many cases. Still, foreclosure can have real and long-term effects on your credit score and borrowing potential. Understanding how foreclosure may impact your credit report is an important aspect of making an informed decision on whether or not pursuing foreclosure is the best option for you and your family.

What is the difference between a condominium and a cooperative?

No matter if you are a first-time homebuyer or have experience in investing in real estate, you likely recognize the financial benefits of owning versus renting in the Miami-Dade region. Owning a condominium or cooperative offers many of the same amenities and conveniences as renting an apartment unit in an established complex, but also gives you an ownership stake in the property. However, there are several differences between owning a condominium and cooperative that are worth taking into account before making any kind of purchase.

Marriage equality and immigration guidelines

Many opposite-sex and same-sex couples across the state of Florida and the entire country are celebrating the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court recently recognized marriage equality as a constitutional right for all citizens. The ruling extends same-sex marriage rights to every state, resolving many legal conflicts and discrepancies. Interestingly, however, such ground-breaking legislation may not have the impact on federal immigration guidelines that you might assume that it would. The truth of the matter is that the attorneys at Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., have been assisting same-sex couples in a number of immigration processes for years now.

Child deportation rates cause concern and controversy

Most Florida residents, no matter where they stand on the topic of immigration reform, would agree that deportation orders affect entire families. Issues concerning the deportation of parents and/or breadwinners are serious enough, but the deportation of minor children can have truly traumatic consequences for all those involved. With the number of undocumented immigrant children being deported on the rise, many immigration advocates and regulators alike are raising concerns over how to address the situation.

Student visa considerations

June may be characterized as graduation season, but the summer and fall are definitely known as college career season for a huge number of domestic and international students alike. Colleges and other higher education institutions across the state of Florida and the country will be opening their doors to international students and internship participants on the basis of valid visa documentation in the next few months. However, students interested in entering the United States to attend school must first meet several legal requirements and deadlines.

Can I buy real estate if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

The Miami-Dade real estate market is appealing for many reasons, including that it offers some generous incentives to experienced and first-time buyers alike. It is no surprise, then, that the market attracts both domestic and international real estate investors. Unfortunately, however, buying real estate in Florida can be complicated by immigration issues in some cases. It is for that reason that your ability to make sound real estate investment decisions can depend upon understanding a number of immigration guidelines.

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