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July 2018 Archives

Girl in Florida involved in US immigration law incident

There are several immigration detention centers in Florida. U.S. immigration law requires detentions in various situations, such as when an adult or minor cross a U.S. border without proper paperwork. However, there have also been many situations where immigrants with green cards or other documentation that shows their presence in the United States is lawful have been taken into custody by Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents.  

Real estate disputes in another state heading for federal court

Trade secrets are critical components of many Florida businesses, including those involving real estate transactions. A business owner's secrets are often keys to his or her success, whether it be client information, designs or financial data. If such information falls into the wrong hands, it could prove disastrous for a business. Trade secrets are the central focus of real estate disputes currently brewing in another state.  

Real estate disputes send 2 bakers packing

Many Florida business owners rent the properties that house their companies. As such, they are bound to signed rental agreements with landlords. If real estate disputes arise, it can not only delay production and profits but can prompt a need to shut down altogether.  

Father of 3 hopes for adjustment of status rather than removal

Many Florida immigrants can relate to one man's current situation. He is a husband and also a father of three children, ages 11 and under. The man was one of nearly 100 people who were taken into custody by immigration officers who raided their workplace. The question now is whether he will obtain an adjustment of status or get deported.

Current US immigration law issues that apply to many in Florida

Like many other states throughout the nation, Florida has seen a substantial increase in its immigrant population in recent years. While many people try to stay updated on current U.S. immigration law, it can be quite challenging because the law is complex and not always easy to understand. It also changes often, so something that is applicable to a given situation one day may be obsolete the next.  

Property owners join forces in real estate disputes against city

Florida property owners who are currently facing problems with city officials may want to follow a case in another state. Several property owners have banned together in real estate disputes filed against their city. They claim their rights of due process have been violated. The central focus of the current arguments between the defendants and those who filed the lawsuit is a section of lots that are going to be redeveloped.

Immigrants face serious decision re US immigration law

A caravan of people recently traveled together to the border between the United States and Mexico. News of the caravan's pending arrival had been a hot topic in the media for some time.  Many Florida residents are immigrants who remember what it was like when they took their first steps across U.S. borders. Some people in the caravan said they are unsure whether they will cross over to the United States because they fear severe repercussions due to current U.S. immigration law constraints.  

Florida immigrants sometimes carry dual citizenship

When someone emigrates from another country of origin to live in the United States, he or she may have certain goals in mind. For instance, some people arrive in the U.S. in the hope of starting their own businesses, while others come here to study in a college or university. There are also many immigrants who begin their lives in Florida or another state by marrying a U.S. citizen. Regardless of the particular details of an individual journey, the ultimate goal for tens of thousands of immigrants is to attain citizenship.  

Real estate disputes escalated into dangerous situation

When a Florida property owner enters a leasing contract with one or more parties, it is critical that the terms of the lease be understood by anyone and everyone signing the agreement. Lack of clarification can lead to real estate disputes down the line. While most disagreements are easily resolvable, some unravel into contentious, and even dangerous situations.  

Pregnant women question US immigration law

Many women in Florida or elsewhere who have crossed U.S. borders without proper paperwork in their possession wind up being detained. Some happen to be pregnant at the time. In a recent telephone conversation with a news reporter, a 23-year-old woman from El Salvador said she thought U.S. immigration law would allow her to seek a better life for herself and the baby she was carrying when she arrived in the United States. She says, instead, she landed in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center, where she miscarried, which she claims was because ICE officers refused to provide her with appropriate medical care when she requested it. 

Will father of 2 be deported because of US immigration law?

Florida residents who came to live in this state from other countries may relate to a recent situation that continues to unfold in Miami. A woman who has two children has reportedly been staying with relatives after fleeing her country of origin due threats of violence. She sought asylum when she arrived at a U.S. border with her son, as U.S. immigration law allows.            

Does foreclosure prompt higher property taxes in Florida?

Many Florida residents understand what it is like to face financial difficulties. In fact, some have been unable to rise above their money problems and have filed bankruptcy or surrendered their homes to their lenders. When a large percentage of homes in a particular area are lost to foreclosure, real estate analysts label the region as a "foreclosure cluster." 

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