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July 2016 Archives

Florida ranks third in U.S. foreclosures in June 2016

Despite reports for several years now that Florida and the rest of the nation has been rebounding from the Great Recession, many people continue to struggle financially. Making ends meet and providing for individuals and families alike weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of countless Floridians. This can be seen in a multitude of ways, including statistics showing how many people are losing their homes due to foreclosure activity.

Republican plans for immigration after 2016 election

For several months now, Florida voters and residents have heard the now officially confirmed Republican presidential nominee talk about his views on illegal immigration. Perhaps one of his most famous ideas is the erection of a large wall spanning from end-to-end of the entire U.S.-Mexico border. He has even put forth the idea that Mexico will be forced to fund the building of this wall. Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen, in part based upon whether or not he is elected President of the United States.

Democratic stance on immigration in 2016 election

As with their counterparts in the remaining parts of the country, Florida residents are no doubt watching the emerging presidential election race with care. Florida's proximity to Cuba and other nations make immigration a highly relevant topic to people who live there. As the Democratic National Convention comes to a close, it can be a good time to review the stance of this party's presidential candidate.

Can tax lien issues result in foreclosure?

Paying property taxes is a part of owning real estate in Florida, and if you fail to pay them, the outstanding debt can add up to some stiff consequences. The Miami Herald reports that instead of sending a delinquent account to collections, Miami-Dade County may sell it to a private investor. This allows the county government to ensure that the millions of dollars in unpaid property taxes will still be available to fund the budget.

Two types of foreclosure

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a home, land or building in the Miami-Dade area or you are already property owner, foreclosure may be a subject you would rather not have to think about. However, even when you are in good standing on your loan, it is a good idea to be aware of some fundamentals of this important term in the real estate glossary. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we often answer questions about foreclosure and provide legal advice for people who are concerned that it may be a possibility in their future.

What is the Child Citizenship Act of 2000?

Many people in California wish to adopt a child from another country and raise him or her as a U.S. citizen, and if you are considering this option, you may be wondering what immigration laws apply to your situation. In the past, the process included several steps that created complications and sometimes resulted in problems for the adopted child. The U.S. Department of State explains that the federal government passed the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 to help eliminate the difficulties that some experienced due to the previous system.

Religious workers may qualify for employment visas

If you are a religious worker who is seeking an employment visa to work in California or elsewhere in the United States, you may be eligible for this documentation based on your position within your denomination. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we understand the laws regarding the Ministers of Religion category of work visa, and what requirements you may have to fulfill in order to qualify.

Are you ready for your biometrics appointment?

The Department of Homeland Security screens foreign citizens who want to live and work in the United States to ensure that they are not a threat to U.S. citizens. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains that after you complete immigration documentation such as a request, petition or application and file it, officials use your biometrics to positively identify you. The biometrics appointment is when you provide proof of your identification.

Title and title insurance explained

When purchasing real estate in Florida, a buyer may not understand that there is a difference between the deed to the property and its title. explains that a property title is a report rather than a document, and the buyer and the lender need to be able to review the details of this historical record before signing contracts for the purchase.

Is this a good time to buy homes in Miami?

Your ability to purchase residential real estate as a home or investment in the Miami area may depend largely on the current market, as well as personal factors. However, analyzing these is not necessarily a straightforward task. According to Forbes magazine, how the up and down patterns of Florida real estate may affect you includes considerations such as uneven growth rate, the increasing prices of homes and even how long you plan to own the property.

The Immigration Court Practice Manual

There are many resources that can provide guidance for you as an immigrant in Miami preparing to interact with the federal court system as part of the immigration process. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., are aware of the complexities of the rules and regulations that are part of appearing before the U.S. Immigration Courts.

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