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October 2017 Archives

Religious leaders chiming in on U.S. immigration law

In Florida and throughout the United States, many immigrants are living in fear that immigration officials will take them into custody and place them in detention. U.S. immigration law continues to be a hot topic in political, private, public and religious arenas, with people espousing views on both sides of the deportation issue. Some say more crackdowns are needed and immigrants who cross U.S. borders without appropriate documentation should have to return to their countries of origin.

Consumer bureau's authority questioned on U.S. immigration law

In 2007, the U.S. Congress created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau following a national mortgage lending crisis. The bureau has become involved in a U.S. immigration law situation involving Libre by Nexus, a company based outside of Florida. Libre by Nexus says it is committed to helping immigrants and rescuing them from adverse detainment atmospheres, and CFPB has no authority over its practices.

When threat of foreclosure causes legal status worries

Immigrant life in Florida, and throughout the United States, is often quite challenging. For those who entered the state without visas or other residency documents, day-to-day living can often be extremely stressful. Perhaps, you have overcome several status obstacles through the years but have recently been faced with serious financial problems that include the threat of foreclosure on your home.

Former Florida mayor entangled in real estate disputes

A former Florida mayor is once again in trouble with the law. He was already serving probation for an unrelated matter when new allegations arose against him. The person who has accused him of wrongdoing is reportedly a friend and business partner of his. This person has launched real estate disputes, saying he was ripped off $150,000 when the ex-civic official kept money the partner had given him to invest in the development of a particular property.

Man embroiled in U.S. immigration law problems charged with crime

Many Florida immigrants and immigrant advocates have been closely following news regarding various detainment situations throughout the nation. U.S. immigration law is a highly debated topic and its constant changes and apparent contradictions at state and federal levels often leaves people feeling confused and nervous. A developing story in another state involves a man who was recently released from detainment after his deportation was denied has been charged with unarmed robbery.

Man pleads guilty to citizenship fraud scheme

Many Florida immigrants are married to U.S. citizens. In fact, there are certain types of visas that are issued for those wanting to enter the United States specifically to get married to fiancees who already possess valid citizenship by birth or naturalization. Not every immigrant marriage is valid, however.

Real estate disputes arise, complicating NFL player's situation

National Football League running back Darren McFadden is currently involved in a complicated, contentious federal lawsuit against several parties, including a man who used to be his close friend and financial adviser. Real estate disputes have arisen in the midst of other problems, with McFadden accusing his former friend of illegally transferring property worth approximately $15 million to hide assets and prevent possible economic loss if the court winds up ruling in McFadden's favor. A bank where McFadden's money was kept at the time the whole situation unfolded was recently added as a defendant in the athlete's claim. Some Florida residents may relate to his situation.

Determining whether adjustment of status may be possible

Many Florida immigrants want to become permanent residents of the United States, but think they must first go abroad, then apply for re-entry. That process is known as consular processing, and it is not always necessary. Those currently residing in the United States who wish to seek an adjustment of status can confer with an immigration law attorney to explore all possible options given a particular situation. 

High court to rule on issue concerning U.S. immigration law

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering an immigration case that may change federal laws regarding deportation. U.S. immigration law states that any immigrant who commits a violent crime is subject to deportation. The court recently weighed in on what many say is such vague wording (insofar as the term, "violent" is concerned) that existing law may violate the rights of immigrants in Florida and elsewhere to due process.

Neighbor's noise levels lead to real estate disputes

Can Florida homeowners tell their neighbors to be quiet? Such issues often lead to real estate disputes, some of which wind up in litigation before they are resolved. Famous comedienne, Kathy Griffin, is currently involved in a dispute in another state with her neighbor, who also happens to be CEO of a major home development company in the area. Many people, including other public figures, have weighed in on the topic on social media networks.

Possible options for averting a foreclosure process

Times are often tough, financially speaking, and many Florida residents know what it's like to run into serious obstacles that impede economic stability. Perhaps you were one of many whose incomes were lowered during recent economic crises, or maybe you lost your job entirely and had to start from scratch in the business world. Maybe a lack of income is the main issue, or a medical emergency, divorce or other matter threw you off course. Or perhaps bills just started piling up ,and before you knew it, things got out of hand. If you've suddenly found yourself facing a possible foreclosure situation, you're probably feeling a bit worried and wondering if there's any way to keep your home.

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