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August 2016 Archives

Why U.S. civics questions are part of the naturalization test

While people who are born and educated in the United States typically have the advantage of years of schooling to learn what it means to be a citizen, immigrants may not have had the opportunity to study U.S. civics. However, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, this is something they must familiarize themselves with in order to pass the naturalization test.   

What is the USCIS?

As a citizen of another country, you may not be familiar with the various departments within the U.S. government that play a part in immigration. Some organizations and their officials may be in the news from time to time, but brief stories typically do not provide you with an accurate picture of the mission and purpose of any given federal agency. The Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains that it is one agency that you cannot afford to ignore if you are planning to visit or move to the United States.

Stopping foreclosure through loss mitigation

Falling behind on mortgage payments may seem devastating for homeowners in the Miami-Dade area, but often, there are options that may provide relief and allow a person to retain the home. As the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau explains, the lender may lose money if the loan goes into default. So, options have been developed to assist mortgage holders who have fallen behind on their loans.

What you should know about the K-1 visa

It may be emotionally difficult for you to live in Florida as a U.S. citizen when the person you love is a citizen of another country and is living abroad. U.S. immigration law may provide a solution for you through a K-1 nonimmigrant visa. We at Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., have frequently answered the questions of those who are interested in exploring their eligibility for this option.

Tree disputes: Who is liable?

As a residential property owner in Florida, you may discover that the condition of your neighbor’s property affects your own, or at least the way you are able to enjoy it. This may be particularly true when it comes to vegetation, and specifically trees. The University of Florida explains that there are state laws that address these issues to prevent residential property disputes.

Renters benefit from slow condo market

The beautiful beaches and sunny climate of Miami draw people from all around the United States, and the rest of the world. While some are content to claim it as a vacation destination, it is also a popular place to move. The demand for condominiums and cooperatives is fed by these would-be residents, but at times, the supply of homes falls short and leads to prices that are out of reach by many.

More Cubans apprehended by U.S. Coast Guard in 2016

Cubans who are interested in moving to the United States by way of Florida or through Central American countries face some of the same challenges that foreign nationals of other countries experience in reaching the border. However, according to the Pew Research Center, a unique U.S. law known as the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 allows citizens of that country to enter the United States legally through a port of entry and later become citizens merely by showing up and passing criminal and immigration background checks.

Are you protected from workplace discrimination?

When you are applying for jobs in the Miami area, the terms of your work visa may affect what kind of job you may be offered. Unfortunately, many foreign nationals with valid work visas encounter unfair barriers to employment. However, an employer who considers your application or hires you is limited by certain U.S. employment laws when it comes to which circumstances may be relevant to your eligibility for the job.

Flying your flag: Can your HOA interfere?

You may associate patriotism to the United States with flying the country’s flag on your property in Florida. Flags are also often flown to display loyalty to the state, to a branch of the military or to a sports team. However, your homeowners’ association may have something to say about how, when and where you may place a flag.

Changes to Landlord and Tenant Statute benefit service members

Housing options in Florida are often limited to openings in condominiums and cooperatives, and these typically have application processes and other regulations that prevent a person or family from moving in right away. Naples News points out that waiting for up to a month for homeowners’ associations, condominiums and cooperatives to process applications is normal. However, for U.S. service members, the lengthy process may pose an unreasonable hardship.

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