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October 2019 Archives

Don't let real estate disputes impede the sale of a home

Many Florida residents are homeowners. By year's end, a lot of people will put "for sale" signs in their front yards. Sometimes, selling a home is an uncomplicated, low-stress process. Other times, it is a bit more complex, especially if real estate disputes arise.

Foreclosure doesn't always end with home loss

If a borrower stops making payments toward a mortgage, the lender can take legal action. When a foreclosure petition is filed in a Florida court, it is the lender's attempt to recover the balance of the loan. In the case of a mortgage, the process forces the sale of the asset (namely, the home) that was used to secure the loan. Learning that you are at risk for losing your home could be one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life.

Man facing removal is hoping for adjustment of status

In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants living in detention centers due to various circumstances. Some have requested an adjustment of status by seeking asylum. Others were arrested for suspected crimes, then transferred into the custody of immigration law officers. One man is at risk for removal, but his attorney is working tirelessly to file an appeal on his behalf.

Employment immigration: Where permanent workers can find support

A foreign national cannot simply dream of working in Florida or elsewhere in the states then hop on a plane and come here looking for a job. The employment immigration system exists to help people interested in obtaining work visas. Any number of legal problems can arise during the process, which is why it is always best to build a strong support network from the start.

Real estate disputes: Things to know about property transfers

Certain Florida laws govern the process of transferring the ownership of real property. Real estate disputes often arise when those involved in a transfer run into legal problems regarding deeds. In this state, the statute of frauds requires a grantor's signature on a deed, along with those of two witnesses in order to convey real property.

US immigration law: Were you or a loved one detained re asylum?

Many Florida residents have emigrated from other countries. Some traveled alone, others with family members. Some went through extensive application processes, others fled situations of violence, poverty or persecution and sought asylum when they reached a U.S. border. Because of current U.S. immigration law, many (if not most) people in the latter group are placed in detention facilities while their cases are adjudicated.

Where can Florida residents find foreclosure support?

Florida is a prime real estate location. Many young married couples move here to grow their families. Others are older and ready to retire from the workforce. There is a lot of buying and selling going on throughout the state. Unfortunately, many homeowners run into financial problems that impede their ability to make mortgage payments, which can lead to foreclosure.

Real estate disputes over monthly rent increase has people upset

Many people come to Florida to live when they retire. Warmer climates, coastal living and a slower pace are often key features of attraction. A woman who had worked as an art gallery manager and in retail sales said she had dreamed of retiring to a cottage near the beach and thought she had found the optimum place. She purchased a manufactured home situated on property she would rent. She and others in her community are now entangled in real estate disputes because their rent has continued to increase, prompting financial distress.

This man insists he has not violated US immigration law

Many Florida immigrants understand how stressful and worrisome it can be to encounter legal status challenges. Such situations often result in families being separated and breadwinners being placed in immigration detention centers, often resulting in immediate financial hardship for their loved ones. A man in another state says his wife has current medical needs and he is her sole care provider, which is why he is so worried that U.S. immigration law officials might try to deport him.

Real estate disputes settled after Miami-Dade couple sues

Many Florida regions are considered prime locations for real estate investors. There are many condominiums in Miami-Dade County and throughout the state. A couple who signed a contract to purchase a condo filed a class action lawsuit regarding real estate disputes that erupted in connection with the deal.

US immigration law prompts woman to give birth in church

Florida readers who are immigrants or whose households include someone who has emigrated from another country may want to follow a case in another state that involves U.S. immigration law and how it has affected one woman in particular. She came to the United States as a teenager and is now age 36. The woman recently went through a harrowing experience, which she says was prompted by her fear of deportation. 

US permanent residency: What to do if obstacles arise

Many immigrants plan for years before they actually travel to Florida or some other U.S. state from their own countries of origin. Others arrive under much more hurried or urgent circumstances. For those whose ultimate goals include applying for U.S. permanent residency, it is critical to know where to seek support if a problem arises during the application process.

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