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December 2017 Archives

Facing problems regarding US immigration law?

If there's one topic that is bound to evoke debate in both political and private settings, it's immigration. Florida is no stranger to such disputes and is often the center of controversy regarding U.S. immigration law. Many residents in this state emigrated here from other countries. Some of them are currently facing very serious problems that threaten their legal statuses.

Contentious real estate dispute finally resolved

In Sept. 2015, a real estate developer agreed to purchase a portion of a 147,000 complex. As sometimes happens in such situations, the deal was delayed. Reasons for the delay included the fact that the city in where the property was located did not issue the needed approvals for the deal. The real estate dispute also had a lot to do with lack of agreement for a payment plan. Those in Florida who are facing similar real estate problems would likely benefit from experienced legal representation.

Could Florida residents face similar US immigration law problems?

A situation is unfolding in a state in the Northwest that has many Florida immigrants and others throughout the nation quite concerned. Most immigrants understand that U.S. immigration law is complex and continually subject to changes. Lately, however, an apparent increase in immigrant arrests has caused many families to worry.

Detention center not up to par according to US immigration law

Many immigrants in Florida can relate to the frustration and suffering others experience in various detainment centers throughout the nation. U.S. immigration law has set regulations about the type of treatment and care that must be provided to immigrants held in these facilities. Surprise inspections recently revealed that four out of five facilities inspected are not functioning at accepted levels of health and safety standards.

Obligations on both sides re tenant/landlord real estate disputes

Many Florida residents choose to live in rented homes, such condominiums, apartments or single family dwellings. When a tenant and landlord enter a signed contract, obligations exist on both sides. Real estate disputes often arise when one party accuses another of violating the terms of a particular agreement.

Man's struggle for adjustment of status through asylum not over

There are currently many immigrants in Florida facing serious problems related to threat of deportation. They may relate to the story of a man and his son who are fighting a similar adjustment of status battle in another state. Their situation began when the father, a news reporter, fled his country of origin in fear for his life.

Updated land surveys may help prevent real estate disputes

Let's say a Florida homeowner wants to erect a fence in his or her yard. If the desire is carried out without confirmation of property lines, real estate disputes may arise. One can only imagine the stress of building a brand new fence only to have a neighbor then contest that the fence encroaches on his or her property.

Children separated from mother due to US immigration law

There are currently millions of children in Florida and beyond who have at least one parent who is an undocumented immigrant. U.S. immigration law allows any undocumented person to be detained and scheduled for removal. In one woman's situation, this meant she was separated from her two young children.

Adjustment of status changes may impact many in Russia

Some time ago, Russia cut the number of people working on a U.S. diplomatic missions staff there. The United States countered the move by halting the non-immigrant visa program throughout the Russia. Many people in Florida arrived here with non-immigrant visas. Not having this type of adjustment of status available would likely affect hundreds of thousands of people in this state and elsewhere.

Know where to turn for help to avoid foreclosure

Many Florida residents are currently facing legal problems that pertain to real estate law. Such laws vary by state and may greatly impact one's ability to purchase or sell a particular property or to save one from foreclosure. With regard to the latter, it can be very scary to face a direct threat of losing a home when a financial crisis hits and one is unable to keep up with mortgage payments.

Man worried about adjustment of status following recent fires

Many Florida residents have been closely following news regarding recent devastation on the West Coast caused by wildfires. The situation has negatively impacted many lives, especially those of undocumented immigrants. While one may not immediately associate adjustment of status problems with national disasters, such as the wildfires, closer analysis of the situation may make the connection quite apparent.

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