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May 2018 Archives

Employment immigration changes announced

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently made an announcement that might make many Florida immigrant families quite happy. The current administration has reportedly adapted the employment immigration program to include an additional 15,000 available visas for non-agricultural, temporary workers. In the past, such visas were issued on first come, first serve bases and were capped at 66,000. 

Former boxing champion facing foreclosure

One cannot always predict when major financial problems will arise. Some issues are undoubtedly more serious than others, as many Florida residents may attest. Former boxing world champion Vinny Paz is facing some serious financial troubles of his own. His home is in foreclosure due to a situation reportedly connected to unpaid tax violations.  

Amicus brief filed regarding US immigration law case

If there's one topic that is likely to incite debate in both private and public settings, it is immigration. Florida is home to thousands of people who emigrated from other countries of origin. Many may be interested in an ongoing situation out west, involving a U.S. immigration law case filed by the federal government against another state.  

Mother's Day rally focused on US immigration law

Many women who recently celebrated Mother's Day in Florida also happen to be immigrants. They no doubt shared similar experiences during the holiday, such as children or spouses treating them to special meals, cards, flowers, etc., but likely also have unique family customs all their own as well. On the West Coast, a group of women apparently decided to celebrated Mother's Day this year by protesting against U.S. immigration law.  

Don't let contract complications lead to real estate disputes

The last thing you need if you're just steps away from making your business or homeowning dreams come true is to run into problems because you didn't fully understand something in your contract. Many Florida real estate disputes could likely have been avoided if legal representation would have been sought before any documents were signed. Whether you're a seller, buyer, investor or developer, you may be able to avoid a lot of stress and possible legal problems down the line if you seek support right from the start.  

Employment immigration process may take several years

A green card allows the holder to work and live in the United States on a permanent basis. Many green card holders in Florida have secured their statuses through the employment immigration system. The process is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as it typically involves a lot of paperwork and can take years to be fully resolved. 

US immigration law: Is it always fair?

One can only imagine how difficult life can be for those living in the United States without all their immigration paperwork in order. Many immigrants in Florida and around the countgry are currently facing legal problems regarding U.S. immigration law and criminal charges filed against them. These immigrants have reportedly been barred from appearing in court.  

US immigration law changes may adversely affect minors

Immigrant advocates in Florida and throughout the nation are speaking out against recent happenings in the Department of Homeland Security. U.S. immigration law changes have been proposed in a 96-page document that many people say will give the government unfair advantages regarding families and/or unaccompanied minors who enter the United States without appropriate paperwork. Such matters are currently governed by regulations set forth in the Flores Settlement Agreement, a federal consent decree, enacted in 1997.  

Florida real estate disputes case headed for further litigation

Golfing and high-end shopping are two major amenities most Florida residents and tourists associate with the town of Naples. As is common in cities that have been around since the 1800s, parking spots are not always easily accessible even when efforts to update city architecture have been made. This issue has sparked real estate disputes between commercial property owners and city administrators.  

U.S. immigration law situation regarding solitary confinement

In Florida and throughout the nation, many immigrants are currently locked up in immigration detention facilities. While some have been placed there as they await asylum interviews, others are facing possible deportation. U.S. immigration law is quite complex, and many detainees' situations are complicated matters that will take months, even years, to resolve. 

Things to know when preparing for U.S. citizenship

A brief survey of adults in Florida who were born and raised in the United States regarding their knowledge of U.S. history, government issues and the basics of the criminal justice and civil law systems in America would likely reveal how much people don't know. On the other hand, immigrants who hope to obtain citizenship must prove their knowledge and understanding of such matters as well as competence in reading, speaking and writing the English language. Preparing for a citizenship test can be quite arduous. 

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