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June 2018 Archives

Community glad real estate disputes are headed for settlement

Many Florida residents work in or attend school in buildings that have existed in their communities for decades. The historical value of such structures often plays into the value of real estate, as well as attracts visitors who are history buffs, especially in the context of architecture. Buildings wear down with age and are often in need of renovation or construction to maintain usability as time goes on. A high school in another state underwent construction, which led to bitter real estate disputes that left the community wondering what would become of a beloved school.  

Attention Florida residents: More US immigration law changes

U.S. Customs and Enforcement agents recently announced that approximately 500 children who had been separated from their parents due to immigration issues have now been reunited with their families. President Donald Trump issued an executive order that states the U.S. immigration law officers may no longer separate children from their parents who may be seeking asylum at a U.S. border. While many rejoiced and said this is a step in the right direction for needed reform, others say there are still thousands of children in Florida and throughout the United States who are still being kept apart from their parents.  

More people able to avoid foreclosure this year than last

Any number of issues can lead to financial crises for Florida residents and others. Most finance problems are temporary and finding solutions often depends on the types of support resources one accesses. There are currently many people in this state and beyond who are worried about foreclosure, although data shows the national rate for these legal proceedings has significantly decreased.  

Real estate disputes can slow progress

Many Florida communities, especially those located near the shore, often have access roads that lead to the beach or various businesses in the area. Investors in another state have become entangled in real estate disputes concerning which roadway should be used as an access road to a proposed new business in the area. The investors wish to use a little less than 3,000 square feet of a 10,000 square foot space.  

US immigration law impacts many Florida children

While there seems to be never-ending debate throughout the nation on the topic of immigration, there are usually several issues on which most Florida residents and others agree. For instance, not many people would dispute the fact that thousands of children have been separated from their families due to certain regulations under U.S. immigration law. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have repeatedly said that when such incidents occur, they try their best to reunite families as soon as possible.  

US immigration law facts regarding asylum and refugees

The average Florida resident may not fully understand the differences between certain legal terms pertaining to those who come to this state or others to live as immigrants. U.S. immigration law is often complex and confusing to those with no specific legal background. Many people think certain terms are interchangeable when, in fact, they are not.

Real estate disputes causing delays for solar farm plans

Questions have arisen as to whether a planned solar farm would interfere with local cemetery grounds in another state. As some owners of real estate in Florida might be, the owner of the cemetery is currently involved in real estate disputes pertaining to litigation in a federal bankruptcy court. The cemetery owner reportedly signed an easement contract that included approximately 40 acres of agricultural land that adjoins the cemetery grounds.

ICE officials arrested man who sought adjustment of status

Thousands of immigrants choose Florida as their final destinations in the United States. Many go on to seek adjustment of status by applying for green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. A man in another state who not only is married to a U.S. citizen but also has two children born here is in danger or deportation after a recent incident at a military base.  

US immigration law is the focus of immigration detention incident

Thousands of immigrants will likely arrive in Florida this year with plans to build new lives in the United States. Many who do so are accompanied by one or several family members, often parents with children who are minors. Following U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that plans are being made to change U.S. immigration law to increase the number of arrests at U.S. borders, many immigrant advocates became concerned about the negative implications such changes will have on young children and infants who will be separated from their parents.  

Being proactive may help overcome threat of foreclosure

Florida residents are not immune to financial challenges. In fact, most people in this state and beyond have experienced financial upset at some time in their lives. Such crises are usually temporary and can be overcome if one knows how to access available resources to help restore financial stability. Some situations are definitely more serious than others, such as those involving possible foreclosure.  

Avoid real estate disputes through careful contract review

Purchasing a new home, launching a business or going in a timeshare rental property on your favorite Florida beach may be at the top of your list for goals to achieve this year. While each of these is a different kind of transaction, they all involve creating and signing contracts, which can be simple and straightforward or complex and confusing to understand. In either case, it's always a good idea to have an experienced attorney review your proposed contract so as to avoid real estate disputes down the line. 

US immigration law scandal erupts on Carnival cruise

When a Carnival cruise ship recently docked in Florida on a return trip from the Bahamas, a family was on board that included a husband, wife, several children and grand-parents who were visiting the United States from China. The children's grandfather was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had come to the U.S. for treatment. His son-in-law and daughter took him and the rest of their family on the cruise as a way to share a special memory together since they know he is going to die. Little did they know, however, that their cruise would end with U.S. immigration law officers taking the grandparents away.  

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