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October 2018 Archives

Condominiums and cooperatives pertain to types of ownership

The manner in which a particular piece of real estate is held in Florida is an important consideration. Condominiums and cooperatives are terms that describe two different forms of real estate ownership. A condominium is typically one of multiple units in a building where the unit is owned individually, with the costs and maintenance of the common areas are shared by all the owners. A unit in a cooperative is not actually individually owned; rather, the unit purchaser gets shares in a corporation, which in turn actually owns all the uits and runs the building as a coop.

Florida couple facing US immigration law problems

A Florida woman recently told reporters that she and her husband were merely trying to do the right thing when they showed up for an immigration marriage interview. They had awaited their interview date for approximately three years. The woman said she was quite confident all would go well; however, it did not, and she is now distraught that U.S. immigration law officers arrested her husband and have separated her from him.  

Recent Florida real estate disputes not over after all

Even after a Florida court hands down a ruling, it does not guarantee that litigation will end. In many situations, such as real estate disputes, if one or more of the parties involved believe a ruling to be unfair, an appeal can be filed. That is what happened following a recent breach of contract situation. An appeals court judge has now remanded a portion of the summary judgment that was issued in a lower court.  

Fire fighters involved in real estate disputes in another state

Florida residents can attest to the invaluable service local fight fighters provide to their communities. A fire department in another state is currently entangled in real estate disputes. A town home building company is reportedly trying to impede a city council-approved purchase of a particular parcel of land where a new fire house is to be built.

Attention Florida residents: Beware of foreclosure scams!

You may be one of many Florida homeowners who are currently at risk for losing their homes due to financial crises. It is understandable that threat of foreclosure might make you feel a sense of panic and also tempt to you grab hold of any apparent option presented to you in the hope of saving your home. The problem is that there are many scammers who are not only aware that such situations often cause people stress but they know how to trick people into thinking they are legitimate companies who can help.

Complex real estate disputes involving diplomat

The son of the president of an African nation purchased a mansion in the United States. He also owns controlling interest in a limited liability, which is involved in a complicated situation regarding real estate disputes. Millions are at stake, and a federal judge has agreed to hear a case that is wrought with allegations from all sides. Florida property owners who are currently facing legal issues with brokers or insurers may want to follow this case.  

U.S. immigration law officials concerned about inmate suicides

There are numerous reasons that cause agents to arrest Florida immigrants. When a man or woman is placed in detention, he or she may be released after a short time or may have to remain in the immigration detention center for weeks or even months. While U.S. immigration law includes specific regulations regarding how detainees are (and are not) to be treated by detention officers, there are many people who have come forward to say there is widespread neglect and abuse in detention facilities throughout the nation.  

Condominiums and cooperatives: First Amendment rights

There are many types of dwelling places in Florida. People, of course, choose residences according to various factors, such as their income level, family size or perhaps, even their age. For those who live in condominiums and cooperatives, challenges may arise if residents disagree with a particular restriction management has imposed.

Real estate disputes: Who has to buy the window blinds?

When someone rents an apartment in Florida, he or she signs a contract that includes important information. Typical topics inherent in a rental lease include the dates the lease will remain active, the amount of rent and when payments will be made, as well as other issues, such as how many people may reside in a particular residence. Real estate disputes can arise, however, if the landlord and tenant disagree about an issue not covered in the lease.

Will US immigration law create problems for families?

Many Florida families use some form of public assistance to help with various types of short- or long-term needs. Some parents are currently worried about proposed U.S. immigration law changes and how such may adversely affect their households. One mother recently told her story although she asked that her full name not be given for she feared negative repercussions.  

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