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December 2018 Archives

Many doubt whether US immigration law is in their best interests

A man is dead, and so are numerous others. What all the decedents had in common when they were alive was that they had emigrated to the United States from other countries of origin. In most of these situations, including, perhaps, some in Florida, the decedents' loved ones, as well as immigrant advocates speaking on their behalves, have spoken against U.S. immigration law, saying it does little to nothing to protect immigrant detainees from harm.

Adjustment of status goals: Becoming a US citizen

When an immigrant arrives in Florida, it may with plans and dreams to start a business, get married and raise a family in the United States or to file an application to become a U.S.citizen. The latter is the ultimate adjustment of status goal in many immigrants' lives. It can be a stressful process, and it helps to know where to seek support when needed.

US immigration law: Must you allow officers into your home?

Many Florida residents have been surprised by unexpected visits from law enforcement officers to their homes. Such residents who also happen to be immigrants may worry that such visits are related to U.S. immigration law, especially if the officers are from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. It is critical for citizens and noncitizens alike to know their rights and how to protect them.

Is your holiday joy being threatened by foreclosure problems?

Like other states, the Florida economy fluctuates with some years better than others. Global, statewide and local issues affect the financial status of everyone. This holiday season, some people are dealing with lenders who are threatening foreclosure on a home or business property.

Detentions increase for alleged violations of US immigration law

In Florida and beyond, immigration detentions have increased substantially over the past couple of decades, from detentions of about 7,000 in 1994 to about 44,000 in 2017. Many immigrant advocates have called for U.S. immigration law reform, especially concerning the manner in which many immigrants have reportedly been treated in detention. One advocate recently stated that when an immigrant has proved that there is no flight risk and also that the individual has a place to stay while the government processes the case, there is no reason to imprison someone when no crime has been been committed.

Family of the POTUS's son-in-law facing real estate disputes

Jared Kushner's family have been entangled in some recent legal problems. The situation pertains to real estate disputes that Kushner Cos., who owns property in another state, has been engaged in with tenants who rent apartments in the building the company owns. Kushner Cos. is owned by the Kushner family. As many apartments in Florida are, these units are rent-regulated; however, Kushner Cos. says it was not aware of that when it calculated the rents.  

Building erected in 1903 headed for foreclosure

Florida is home to a lot of old buildings. Many of these properties have changed ownership throughout the years. As with private homes, commercial businesses or other real estate, ownership sometimes transfers to the lenders, if those who currently own said properties are not able to make good on their loans, thus prompting foreclosure.  

US immigration law officials arrested the wrong guy

Many Florida residents have experienced times in their lives where people mistook their identities for others. If someone has a strong physical resemblance to another person, for instance, it is easy to understand how this might happen; however, if a person is as much as a whole foot shorter, it is less likely that his or her identity would be confused, even if there are facial similarities. U.S. immigration law officials reportedly made such a mistake, which led to a man's detention.  

Hoping for an adjustment of status? You have options.

When you arrived in Florida as a foreign national, you likely felt excited and nervous at the same time. You hopefully have a strong support system of family and friends on hand to help you adapt to your new life in the United States. Like most immigrants, you've probably faced your share of challenging situations, perhaps including the first times you had to speak English in a social setting or an issue regarding an adjustment of status.

Family facing US immigration law problems has community support

As Christmas draws near, many Florida families are getting ready for celebrations they will have with their relatives and friends. Many immigrants will be celebrating their first holidays in the United States. For one such family in another state, thinking of Christmas might not be so joyful, as it was around that time, last year, when their trouble began regarding U.S. immigration law.

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