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March 2016 Archives

Before you invest in a cooperative

Purchasing real estate in Miami, Florida, can be a big investment, but an alternative housing option that may be worthy of your consideration is a housing cooperative. This is another type of investment altogether, so it is essential to understand what it is you would be purchasing. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., are familiar with the legal and financial aspects of cooperatives and often provide answers to those who want to explore the option thoroughly.

T nonimmigrant status explained

Sometimes people in other countries may seek to enter Miami, Florida, through routes that expose them to harm. There are corrupt or dangerous characters who take advantage of those who are destitute, forcing them to become slaves. Becoming a victim of human trafficking can have permanently damaging results for those who fall prey to this crime. In the United States, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act was enacted to allow these foreign nationals to remain in the country legally in return for assistance in the apprehension of the perpetrators.

What is the Special Immigrant Juvenile status?

As an immigrant minor in Miami, Florida, or elsewhere in the United States, you may have an option for legal status that is not available to adults. Because social services for immigrant children are limited, the federal government has created a program to provide for immigrant minors who are without the protection of a parent or guardian. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains that there is a Special Immigrant Juvenile status that you may qualify for if you meet certain criteria.

Understanding USCIS humanitarian programs

Many people in other countries look to the words on the Statue of Liberty and identify with the description of homelessness or other pressing difficulties. Those who are seeking to move to Miami, Florida, and elsewhere in the United States may feel desperate to escape from troubled situations in their home countries. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is a federal agency that has set up a number of humanitarian programs to provide respite for these people.

Consular processing and your green card

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident in Florida or elsewhere in the United States, there is more than one way for you to achieve your goal. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you may be able to get a green card through a method known as consular processing. This pathway may be open to you if you are currently a resident of another country or are living in the United States but applying for the immigrant visa abroad. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we often answer questions about this means of becoming a permanent resident.

What background checks does USCIS require for naturalization?

If you are working toward naturalization in the United States, there are several steps that you will have to take as a part of the process. One phase in the course of meeting your goal is undergoing and passing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ background and security checks.

The duty realtors have to buyers

When someone decides to buy real estate such as a home in the Miami, Florida, area, visiting open houses and talking to realtors is likely to be part of the plan to identify the right property. After all, most sellers hire realtors, and these are the people who should know the answers to the questions buyers have about the properties. Someone who is not aware of what to ask may end up with some unpleasant surprises. However, according to Market Leader, the realtor could be held liable by the buyer if he or she is not presented with all the facts about the real estate.

The E-Verify system

Employers in Miami, Florida, are not allowed to discriminate against you based on immigration status. However, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains that they do have authorization to check your eligibility to work using information provided on Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This form was discussed in more detail in a previous post. At Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we often answer questions about the employment process for immigrants living in the United States.

Form I-9: The Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Ensuring that you and everyone else employed in Miami, Florida, are legally authorized to work is important to the U.S. government. To verify eligibility, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires every employer to have new workers fill out Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. We at Cuevas and Garcia, P.A., Attorneys at Law are familiar with the importance of this form and how it protects your ability to work in the U.S.

When do you need a P-1B visa?

If you are in an entertainment group and you are planning to come to Florida from another country to perform, you may need a P-1B visa. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that this visa is for people who are part of an entertainment group but the group must be recognized on an international level. Considered a type of nonimmigrant worker’s visa, the P-1B will allow you to enter the country for a limited period of time.

Understanding how association control is transferred

When developers in the Miami-Dade area build a condominium complex, there comes a time when they have to transfer over the control of the association to the members. The Florida Legislature states that there are several guidelines that apply to what the developers need to provide to the association and when the transfer is completed.

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