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November 2017 Archives

Judge exacts ruling re U.S. immigration law and minor immigrants

Three minors in another state recently acted as representatives for teen immigrants throughout the nation when they challenged their detentions. Authorities say the three were suspected of gang-related activity in the United States. However, a federal judge weighed in on the topic at large, saying U.S. immigration law provides due process for minor immigrants in Florida and beyond, who must be given hearings before being sent away to detention centers.

Vatican getting involved in Katie Perry real estate disputes

Singing superstar Katie Perry is a favorite of many Florida pop music fans. Perry's name is often associated with controversial news stories due to risque stage performances, although some may be surprised to learn the latest headlines regarding Perry concern real estate disputes over bids to purchase a religious convent in another state. Perry is taking on a powerful real estate developer, stating she already agreed to purchase the property from the Archdiocese in that particular region before the other interested party placed a counter-offer to the nuns who reside at the convent.

Adjustment of status may be possible for immigrant after all

A young immigrant whose story went viral after he complained about mistreatment by detention officials was recently scheduled to be freed. The 20-year-old is disabled due to a leg amputation. He claimed that immigration detention officers who did not know he understood English were making fun of him, saying they were going to insert a broom handle into his leg and use him to sweep the floor. Unfortunately, there has been an adjustment of status in the man's situation due to revocation of his work permit.

Judge demands U.S. immigration law reform in another state

Many immigrants arrive at U.S. borders, hoping to be granted entrance to Florida or other states under the process of asylum. To do this, they must prove that they are fleeing countries of origin that pose imminent threats of death or other dangers to themselves. U.S. immigration law allows immigration officers to detain such immigrants until such time that their cases can be fully adjudicated in court.

Man deported instead of receiving adjustment of status

Many Florida immigrants have been living in the United States under a temporary protection legal status. When the program that provides the status was effectively ended by the current presidential administration, thousands of immigrants in this state and throughout the nation began to worry whether adjustment of status would be possible or if they would get deported. One man, whose protected status was supposed to last until 2019, was recently detained by immigration officials.

Where to turn for help in resolving Florida real estate disputes

It's sometimes difficult to know what to do when a disagreement arises between neighbors who reside next door to each other in Florida. Real estate disputes involving property lines, fences, overhanging tree limbs and other potentially contentious issues can turn amicable relationships into knock-down-drag-out fights. Many homeowners allow their anger to get the best of them rather than seeking appropriate legal support for help in resolving their problems.

Florida immigrants may agree U.S. immigration law reform needed

One can only imagine the horror of watching a beloved family member being led away in handcuffs by a Florida immigration officer. U.S. immigration law has been a debatable topic for some time now, with many immigrants and immigrant advocates calling for reform, especially where high numbers of detentions are concerned. A family in another state knows all too well what immigration detainment is like.

Real estate disputes reportedly turn physical for Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul has apparently lived next door to the same neighbor for almost 20 years. The neighbor happens to be a doctor who is said to disagree with Paul on politics. Somehow, political differences between the two neighbors turned into real estate disputes along the way, with arguments over leaves blowing from Paul's yard across the property line and into the neighbor's yard. Some Florida readers may relate to the situation.

U.S. immigration law worries increase, as do arrests

Those who live in Florida but have emigrated here from other countries may be among others in the nation who are currently facing problems related to their legal statuses. U.S. immigration law frequently changes, and recent changes have caused many immigrants and their families to worry about possible deportation. Current statistics show a significant increase in immigration arrests throughout the nation.

Avoiding foreclosure cause of great joy for many families

Imagine thinking a lender was preparing to take over ownership of one's Florida home only to have the process halted when a viable option for debt relief is secured. Many families in another state are rejoicing in the fact that they have successfully avoided foreclosure. In their particular area, a new program has been implemented that was a key factor to their positive outcomes.

Green cards do not always lead to citizenship in Florida

If all Florida immigrants were surveyed as to why the came to the United States to live, there would surely be a wide range of answers. Even so, many immigrants share similar concerns about citizenship, visas and deportation proceedings. It's fair to say that most worry about their legal statuses at some point.

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