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April 2019 Archives

Detention centers overcrowded in adjustment of status cases

When an immigrant arrives at a U.S. border to seek asylum, he or she is typically detained until the case can be fully processed. Such detentions are usually meant to be temporary, and many asylum seekers are later released while they await full adjudication of their cases. However, before an adjustment of status is granted, many Florida immigrants encounter serious challenges, often including severe adverse health risks, when they are placed in detention facilities that are already overcrowded.

Overcoming challenges when seeking US permanent residency

As you adapt to a new lifestyle in Florida, you may relate to many issues other immigrants have experienced in their own journeys. For instance, if you have a significant language barrier, it can be stressful to try to learn to read, write and speak English. There are several ways to obtain U.S. permanent residency status, and challenges may arise at any time during the application process, which is why it's always a good idea to know where to seek legal support when necessary.

US immigration law officials report another detention death

In Florida and elsewhere, concern is growing about the number of people dying in detention centers. U.S. immigration law officers recently reported that a detainee had previously reported flu symptoms and was placed under medical observation on April 1, though it is not clear what that entailed. Two days later, he was discovered unresponsive and not breathing. Attempts were made to revive the man, but he was declared dead about a half hour later.

Mental depression: A risk for those seeking adjustment of status

Many Florida immigrants made long, arduous journeys to the United States before settling here. Some people pass through ports of entry with all their paperwork in order, while others seek an immediate adjustment of status by requesting asylum at a U.S. border. Those who do are typically placed in detention until immigration officials process their cases.

An option that often help Florida residents avoid foreclosure

Many Florida residents are still trying to recover from the economic crash that hit the U.S. in the early 2000s. In fact, some are struggling to overcome serious financial crisis that includes threat of foreclosure on their homes. If you are facing a similar situation, you may have options available to help you meet your immediate needs and take a step toward a stronger financial future.

Visa applications: Adjustment of status might be tougher now

There are numerous visa programs in the United States. Many Florida immigrants seek an adjustment of status by applying for a particular visa, such as those seeking employment in this state or those who have married U.S. citizens and want to obtain green cards. Many say that the new government policies have made it more difficult to acquire a visa.

Adjustment of status: Attorney general issues orders re asylum

Many immigrants in Florida did not arrive in the United States with all their paperwork in order. Like tens of thousands of other immigrants, some entered the U.S. between ports and immediately sought an adjustment of status through asylum when immigration patrol officers apprehended them. In the past, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would release asylum-seekers from detention while their cases were being processed.

State changes criminal sentencing to avoid U.S. immigration law

There are tens of thousands of immigrants in Florida and the immigrant population is expected to continue to rise over time. Many immigrants in this state and elsewhere encounter challenges regarding their ability to remain in the United States, especially if they are convicted of misdemeanor crimes. Immigrant advocates have long said that U.S. immigration law in in great need of reform; that appears to be why lawmakers in another state have enacted changes to its criminal laws that they believe will have a positive affect on many immigrants.

Real estate disputes: When homeowners' problems arise

Many Florida residents belong to homeowners associations. It is not uncommon for real estate disputes to arise between association officials and homeowners. Such disagreements often involve disputes regarding dues or alleged mismanagement of funds.

Teenager facing US immigration law and criminal law problems

Adults in Florida are not the only ones who encounter legal status problems as immigrants. Minors in this state and others can also run into U.S. immigration law problems sometimes. In fact, a 16-year-old in another state is not only facing issues regarding a scheduled deportation but is now facing criminal charges in connection with a car accident as well.

Citizenship: Key factors to keep in mind if this is your goal

Of the tens of thousands of immigrants who come to Florida to live, many share the common goal  of wanting to become U.S. citizens. Obtaining citizenship is an extensive process that includes numerous requirements that must be fulfilled. One such requirement pertains to immigrants who are married to spouses who are already citizens.

US immigration law raid at a company in another state

Most readers in Florida or elsewhere can imagine how distressing it might be to be carrying out typical duties in the workplace only to have law enforcement officers storm through the doors and start arresting people. U.S. immigration law representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently did just that at a telecommunications company in another state. The raid ended with 280 people in the custody of ICE agents.

Florida condominium complex is apparently infested with rats

Florida is a prime location for family vacations, as well as those seeking permanent living residences. Those in the latter group often opt to live in a condominium complex rather than a single family home. While there may indeed be many perks to this type of property ownership, there can also be downsides, especially if disputes arise between residents and property managers.

US immigration law officials releasing thousands of migrants

Immigrants who arrive in Florida to live often have traveled across the United States before choosing a residential location. Many have made their entrances to the U.S. through the Rio Grande Valley. In fact, U.S. immigration law officials say the number of migrants passing through this sector has greatly increased in recent months.

Lender's attempt to proceed with foreclosure auction halted

Many brick-and-mortar malls in Florida and across the country have been struggling to stay afloat in recent years as online shopping continues to increase in popularity. The absence of consumers from name brand stores, such as J.C. Penney and Sears, have led to many corporate shutdowns. In fact, J.C. Penney was one of two anchor stores in a particular mall in another state that went out of business, thus sparking financial problems for the owners of the mall plaza. The situation led to lenders pursuing foreclosure proceedings.

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