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September 2019 Archives

Don't skip this foreclosure post if you own a home in Florida

Owning a home in Florida is a goal of many. In addition the beautiful, coastal climate, the state offers many other amenities that make it a prime real estate location. There is typically a downside to even the most desirable property locations. An issue that might concern current homeowners in this state has to do with foreclosure.

Navigating the US immigration law system in Florida

Whether weeks, months or years have passed since you arrived in Florida from another country, you no doubt have overcome numerous obstacles as you adapt to life in the United States as an immigrant. No two immigrant journeys are exactly the same. However, due to certain circumstances, some people have an easier time navigating U.S. immigration law issues than others.

Advocates say a man was targeted by US Immigration law officers

Many immigrants in Florida believe certain issues make them vulnerable to U.S. immigration law enforcement actions. The family of a man in another state says they believe their loved one was a target of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. He was recently arrested. 

Planning to seek adjustment of status? Read this first.

If U.S. immigration laws were simple and leaving a country of origin to come and live in Florida were easy, it would be possible to make a phone call or submit a petition, then follow through to accomplish one's goals. Pursuing an adjustment of status can be a complicated, lengthy process. In addition to the petition, there are numerous other issues to be aware of.

US immigration law changes might adversely affect people's health

Many immigrants living in Florida and elsewhere throughout the United States came to this country to seek medical attention for themselves, their children or other immediate family members. In the past, such people could apply for deferred action status based on medical need. That will no longer be possible for many people due to recent U.S. immigration law changes.

Judge makes uniqie ruling re real estate disputes

There are a lot of condominiums in Florida. Some are in pristine condition while others are in grave states of disrepair. A condominium where many of the buildings fits the latter description has been the focus of recent real estate disputes. During proceedings, the judge overseeing the case handed down a ruling that is the first of its kind ever to occur in this state.

Foreclosure and credit scores: Topic that may concern homeowners

Florida residents were glued to the news this past week as meteorologists and others reported on the continued progression of Hurricane Dorian. It soon became evident that most of the coast would escape its wrath, which brought a great sigh of relief to many homeowners. Things like storms and other issues can cause significant damage to a home and also cost a homeowner a great deal of money. In some situations, people are unable to recover financially and wind up facing foreclosure. 

Florida real estate disputes often delay closings

If a Florida buyer wishes to purchase real estate, he or she typically negotiates a fair and agreeable contract with the sellers in question. However, if a particular property is co-owned and the owners disagree about a certain issue, real estate disputes can arise. This is what happened regarding a multi-use building complex in Midtown Delray.

Man's US immigration law problems saddens his community

Many Florida immigrants become ingrained in their communities. Some are business owners who are well-known and liked by their neighbors and customers. A man in another state sells tacos from a truck. His customers and friends were recently surprised and saddened to learn that a traffic stop has led to the man's transfer to a U.S. immigration law detention center. Local officials, as well, have lamented that law enforcement policies may have negatively affected this man's life.

US permanent residency: What to do about a legal status problem

You may have arrived in Florida on a temporary immigration visa of some kind. Such visas require that all eligibility factors be met before applying. They also expire. It is imperative that you take the proper steps for renewal if you hope to avoid legal status problems while living in the United States. In many cases, immigrants come here hoping to one day obtain a U.S. permanent residency card.

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