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August 2018 Archives

Foreclosure: Ways to stop it in its tracks

What if a Florida homeowner runs into some hard financial times and can't gather funds to make a mortgage payment? Would his or her home undergo foreclosure? It is not likely to happen for one missed mortgage payment and, perhaps, not even two. However, if a financial crisis arises and lenders are threatening to take ownership of a home, it is critical to know how to stall or prevent the process altogether.

US immigration law and policies: Many not happy regarding changes

Florida headlines and news throughout the nation this past week has addressed an issue that may affect the lives of many immigrants in this state and beyond. Under the prior presidential administration, spouses of H-1B visa holders (an employment-based program) were also able to secure jobs in the United States. The current administration is considering revocation of this policy, which one woman says may cause her family to have to move to another country.

Famous winery facing foreclosure

Florida wine enthusiasts may have already heard that a popular winery on the West Coast has undergone serious financial crisis. The situation has led to foreclosure of the home. It is reportedly the most expensive foreclosure in the United States.

Area in another state seems plagued with real estate disputes

Those who live in Florida full time, as well as others who own time shares or simply rent properties in the state every year when vacationing with their loved ones, may encounter challenges from time to time regarding their real estate contracts. For investors, residents and renters alike, real estate disputes can cause high levels of stress and, in some cases, undermine profitability efforts. A particular region in another state appears to be having a lot of real estate problems.

US immigration law officials investigating a child's death

Florida readers may know someone who has been held in an immigration detention center somewhere in the United States. In fact, some readers may have firsthand experience of what it's like to be taken into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. Reports continue to surface regarding substandard health conditions and compromised safety in numerous U.S. immigration law detention centers throughout the nation.

Real estate disputes over building ownership in another state

A medical building has been up for sale for several months in another state. However, complications have arisen regarding real estate disputes between several parties who claim to have ownership interests in the property. Building owners in Florida who are part of partnerships and are currently facing similar problems may want to follow this case.  

Man granted adjustment of status through defensive asylum process

Many people arrive in Florida from other countries of origin without having all their paperwork in order. This can create numerous legal problems as they begin new lifestyles in the United States. Some people, such as a 64-year-old man who came to the U.S. in 1992, successfully obtain adjustment of status through the defensive asylum process.  

Avoid problems with US permanent residency

Many immigrants in Florida and beyond have had to overcome serious legal problems as they built new lives in the United States. The U.S. permanent residency process can be complex and quite challenging to navigate as there are often multiple options and language barriers and other issues can make emigrating from another country confusing and stressful. There are several ways to keep stress levels low and avoid complications in the immigration process.  

Adherence to zoning rules a must to avoid real estate disputes

Many Florida cities have local ordinances regarding how tall a newly constructed building may be. Real estate disputes often arise if one or more people file a complaint against a builder, stating that a particular structure exceeds limitations. In fact, a builder in another state recently walked away disappointed when a zoning board ruled against him regarding a similar zoning issue.  

Update: Death threats made in recent US immigration law situation

It was recently reported that a girl of minor age escaped immigration detention and hid herself in a Florida auto body shop until local police found her and took her into custody. The U.S. immigration law situation has apparently created some serious safety problems for the auto body shop owner and his family. In fact, the business owner says he has received hundreds of death threats since the incident took place.  

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