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April 2018 Archives

End of moratorium following Florida hurricanes sparks foreclosure

National disasters have wreaked havoc throughout this state. Because of this, financial crises have hit many Florida families hard. In March, more than 52,000 homeowners were threatened with foreclosure. In fact, there were 5,000 plus more started in March than in February.  Many people are worried about defaulting on their loans and are wondering whether there is anything they can do to prevent that from happening.

US immigration law struck down by high court

In a five to four vote in the U.S. Supreme Court, the high court has weighed in on a topic regarding deportation that has had many immigrant advocates and others concerned for a long time. A case related to the vote was first heard in 2017, but Justices were deadlocked as to whether or not a particular U.S. immigration law was constitutional. Justice Neil Gorsuch then joined the court, and his was the voice that made the difference for the majority, voting in favor of striking down the law; this decision has made many people in Florida and throughout the nation quite happy.  

Occupancy rate decline may have led to foreclosure

Most Florida building owners who own multiple tenant properties understand the importance of keeping occupancy rates as high as possible. Income generated from rental properties is often used to help offset mortgage payments on multiple dwelling properties. Thus, a significant drop in occupancy rate could result in financial instability for that particular property owner. This appears to have been at least part of the problem regarding a 725,000-square foot business development in another state that is now headed for foreclosure.  

Real estate disputes end in agent's favor

Whether dealing in high-end real estate in Florida or smaller, less-expensive residential properties, any number of issues may arise during the process of purchase or afterward that require specialized attention (and perhaps litigation) to resolve. Some real estate disputes go unresolved for weeks or months, especially when no outside legal support is sought. A high court jury in another state recently submitted a verdict in a particular case that was recently retried.  

News journalist facing serious U.S. immigration law problems

Many Florida immigrants understand what it's like to encounter complications regarding their legal statuses. Some have even been separated from family members when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents led them away to detention centers. Recent news headlines include the story of a news reporter whose release from a county jail led to serious U.S. immigration law problems. 

Immigrants reportedly denied access to US immigration law support

When adapting to life in Florida after emigrating from another country, it's always helpful to have a strong support network in place. Immigrants often encounter various challenges regarding language barriers or cultural issues. Some also face legal problems associated with their statuses. If an immigrant is denied U.S. immigration law support, not only might it exacerbate the problem at hand, but it may also be a personal rights violation.  

Real estate disputes regarding co-ownerships

Many Florida residents own real property. Some, in fact, are joint owners with family members or groups of friends, such as those that share ownerships in condominiums or other vacation properties. A problem that arose in another state between a man and his son demonstrates the importance of seeking legal clarification when modifying property titles to include co-owners. Those who hope to avoid similar real estate disputes may want to review this case.  

Beware of foreclosure scams in Florida!

When a financial crisis hits, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and nervous about what lies ahead. If a Florida homeowner fears that foreclosure is a real possibility, he or she may be anxious to explore options that may be available to secure immediate debt relief and keep lenders from obtaining ownership due to a loan default. When the foreclosure process begins, the first step taken by a bank is to send a notice of default through the postal mail.  

Judge issues adjustment of status ruling in another state

Many Florida immigrants remember what was like when they fled their countries of origin to seek asylum in the United States. Such situations are often wrought with fear and trepidation. The process can be long and arduous, especially for those who did not realize there was a deadline associated with their adjustment of status applications.  

Factors to consider along the path to citizenship

When you arrived in Florida from another country of origin, you likely shared many of the same hopes and dreams that thousands of immigrants have had when they started new lives in the United States. Perhaps one of your greatest goals is to seek citizenship. Although you may encounter various challenges throughout your journey, it is often possible to achieve such goals if you set up a strong support network of people well versed in the process who can guide you along the way.  

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