Undocumented law school graduate seeks admission to Florida bar

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When people read about undocumented immigrants, their first impression may be that these immigrants are primarily agricultural workers. While this may be true for older immigrants, younger undocumented immigrants in Miami and elsewhere are seeking higher education, attending U.S. universities and hoping to enter the professional workforce. With the potential of the DREAM Act — an immigration program designed to assist children who were brought to the country illegally — to someday become law, these people have been given a glimmer of hope that someday they will be able to work in any industry or profession that they wish.

The Florida Supreme Court has been asked to decide the fate of one of these educated immigrants. The man’s family came to the United States when he was a child. He grew up in this country and obtained education, including a law degree from Florida State University. Now he is petitioning the court, seeking admittance to the state’s bar association.

For his part, the undocumented immigrant has done everything he can to establish a legal status, including obtaining a driver’s license, a work permit and a federal deferral. Now it is up to the court to decide whether he should be allowed to practice law in the state of Florida.

If this law graduate is able to become a practicing attorney, it might be easier for him to become a legal citizen of this country, especially if U.S. immigration law is rewritten as so many undocumented immigrants are hoping for.

Source: CBS Miami, “Fla. Immigrant One Step Closer To Law License,” Jan. 17, 2013


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