Immigrants demand path to citizenship in Miami rally

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As U.S. lawmakers appear to be closer to presenting legislation addressing the broken system that currently exists for immigrants, many are hoping that it will provide a path to citizenship. For many immigrants who live within the U.S. without any legal documentation, becoming a citizen has been an unattainable dream unless they are willing to return to their home country and apply for a legal entry. However, millions of immigrants have lived most of their adult lives here and have family to care for and jobs to work.

The mayor of Miami, Tomas Regaldo, pointed out at a recent rally in Miami, that immigrants will be able to take a more active role in their community if given legal residency or citizenship. The event attracted thousands of immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Central America and Asian countries and the message was clear. These people want a way to be a U.S. citizen and it is unlikely that they will be satisfied with anything else.

One marcher said that immigrants face many challenges because they don’t even have a driver’s license. Messages on signs carried by marchers pleaded for families to be kept together and called on Sen. Marco Rubio to support families who could be torn apart because some members were born in the country, making them automatic citizens and others came illegally.

If congressional lawmakers are able to create an application process that allows immigrants to qualify, regardless of their current status, it could enable many hard-working people the opportunity to build a new successful life for themselves and their families.

Source: Huffington Post, “Immigration Reform March In Miami: Thousands Rally For Clear Path To Citizenship,” April 7, 2013


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