New “parole in place” immigration policy helps military families

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There are currently more than 11 million illegal immigrants estimated to be living in Miami and throughout the U.S. And while a majority of Americans agree on the need to provide these undocumented immigrants with a path to permanent residency or citizenship, recent attempts at reforming U.S. immigration policy have reached a political stalemate. Yet that has not stopped the current administration from enacting some changes that now allow for new residency opportunities for select groups of illegals.

A North Carolina woman is hoping to take advantage of one such change. She recently applied for “parole in place,” a new measure recently announced through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that’s available to spouses, parents, and children of military members and veterans. The initiative was enacted by the Obama administration earlier this month as a means of providing relief to the stress felt by military personnel called into action over the immigration status of their families back home, and as way of saying thanks to those who’ve served. As the wife of a Marine veteran, the woman’s supporters are confident that she will qualify.

Despite the apparent need for immigration reform, there are still currently procedures in place for those seeking U.S. residency in the to get it. Yet the details of the requirements and the application process can be difficult for the layperson to comprehend. As such, those seeking a green card may wish to work with an immigration lawyer, who can provide them with all of the details they need to initiate and complete the process. 

Source: Winston-Salem Journal “New immigration policy may keep Marine vet, family together” Bertrand M. Gutierrez, Nov. 27, 2013


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