Woman facing deportation reunited with family after 18 months

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The stress placed on Miami families facing immigration issues can be extreme as they try to cope with idea that at any moment, those family members who are undocumented immigrants could face deportation. Such concerns often deter many from actively seeking proper residency status as they fear that if their status as an illegal immigrant is discovered, they could face detention and deportation. Those subjected to such action can attest to the notion that actually deporting someone to their country of origin is rarely easy.

Those who may doubt this need only look at the case of a Texas woman who is currently facing deportation after having been detained in an immigrant detention facility for the past eighteen months. Her troubles began after she illegally entered the U.S. after having returned to Mexico to see to the funeral arrangements for her two sons. She now hopes to appeal her deportation on the grounds that she has two children who were born in and continue to live in the U.S. and that during her 19 years in the U.S. she has never run afoul of the law. Immigration officials have allowed her to return home to her family as she prepares her appeal.

While some may view the issue of undocumented immigrants as black-and-white, most cases are rarely that easy to deal with, especially in those cases with split-immigrant families. While family visas are available, lengthy approval wait times and the current debate over immigration reform could force many hoping to be granted such permissions to wait many years. Those looking for options regarding family immigration may find an immigration attorney to be a good source of information and assistance.

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