Oath of Allegiance ceremony sees 47 immigrants earn citizenship

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Much of the news that aspiring citizens in Miami hear these days may seem to center on the ongoing debate over federal immigration reform. Such developments may leave them discouraged regarding their chances to of reaching their goal of becoming naturalized citizens. Yet despite recent political maneuverings, it should be remembered that a path to U.S. citizenship is still currently available. Stories of those who’ve endured the naturalization process may serve as inspiration to immigrants that even though the road ahead of them may be a long one, the payoff at the end is certainly worth it.

A large group of immigrants recently completed this journey and took their oath of citizenship together in a ceremony in Texas. The different ethnic backgrounds represented in this gathering served as a reminder of the diversity of those immigrating to America hoping to eventually call it their home. Immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, China, Brazil, Honduras, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, and the Congo composed the group of new citizens. Upon gaining their citizenship, the presiding judge congratulated them on their accomplishments and reminded them of the rights and responsibilities that that come with being American citizens. It was the desire to show his children the importance of such rights that one participant cited as his motivation for completing the naturalization process.

While the path to citizenship may present different challenges to each individual who chooses to follow it, there is support in place to help qualified candidates achieve this status even in the absence of current immigration reforms. An immigration attorney may be a good source of such support and assistance for those currently looking to begin the application process.

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