Submission window for H1-B visa applications approaches

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This time of the year is often known for the mad scramble that many undertake in order to file their taxes with Uncle Sam. Yet many in Miami may not know that another important federal deadline looms, particularly for those companies hoping to sponsor new employees looking for an H1-B visa. April 1 marks the first day that these applications can be submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for approval. And if recent history is any indication, those who haven’t already begun filling out their applications in earnest risk missing out on this very brief window.

The federal cap placed on the number of H1-B visas available is currently 65,000 visas for foreign employees and an additional 20,000 for immigrants with advanced degrees. Projections are that requests will exceed that number on the first day alone. To give an idea of just how in demand these employment visas are, one need only look at last year’s numbers: 2013 saw 124,000 applications submitted in less than a week. Many believe that number will be surpassed this year.

Some companies have already gotten the jump on their competitors by having already filed their applications with immigration attorneys. Those who wait any longer to start the process risk having to wait until next year. The USCIS has extended the submission window for an extra five days to allow for application delays, but every indication points to the need for companies to get applications turned in long before then.

Having completed applications with an attorney simply waiting to be submitted once the window opens can ensure that a company has at least has s fighting chance at getting their requests approved. Those hoping to sponsor new immigrant employees may wish to speak with an immigration lawyer right away.

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