Harvard program helping employees earn their citizenship

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Too often, it seems that the issues of immigration and citizenship are dominated by political rhetoric. It is true that these are important policy issues that are currently at the forefront of today’s political debates, yet what’s often forgotten is the human element of it. Seeing the faces of those in Miami working to become citizens and the effort they put into making that happen can often make one forget his or her political leanings of the issue.

For millions of people currently living in America, the path to U.S. citizenship is long road that they are more than willing to travel. Yet many lack the resources to get through such a journey. Luckily, there are avenues in place other than government assistance programs that can help them along the way. One of the nation’s most prestigious universities, Harvard, has just such a program in place to help school employees looking to become citizens. The Harvard Bridge Program pairs student tutors from the school’s Institute of Politics with employees to help prepare them to pass the citizenship test. For the students involved, it offers them greater perspective regarding the challenges that immigrants face on the road to citizenship. For the 192 employees who have benefitted from the program, it’s been the assistance they need to prepare to take this step in their lives while still being able to work and support their families.

Programs such as this are offered by many companies and private institutions throughout the country; one just needs to know where to find them.   An immigration attorney may be a good source of information on programs in his or her local area. 

Source: Harvard Gazette “By the people, for the people” Christina Pazzanese, Apr. 10, 2014


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